What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

'Glee' (Fox)

Monday December 10:

90210‘ (8pm ET on The CW) **Fall Finale** Record Now

When Alex (guest-star Trai Byers) approaches Max about forming a new company with him, Naomi intervenes by attempting to persuade Bryce (guest-star Amber Stevens) to rehire Max at his company. Naomi convinces Navid to take Bryce out for drinks, and after a few cocktails Navid uncovers the truth about Max’s termination, which leaves Naomi pondering the fate of her marriage.

Take It All‘ (9pm ET on NBC) **Series Premiere** Record Now

From Howie Mandel (‘America’s Got Talent’) comes an exciting new game show based on one of the most popular holiday party games in America, often called “White Elephant” or “Yankee Swap.” In the show, a contestant selects and opens a prize worth thousands of dollars; dream prizes such as luxury cars, exotic trips, jewelry and VIP experiences. Then, the next player is faced with a dilemma: do they steal a prize that has already been revealed, or do they take a chance with another unopened prize, hoping what’s inside is worth more?

Tuesday December 11:

Hart of Dixie‘ (8pm ET on The CW) **Fall Finale** Record Now

Zoe finds herself anxious that her ever-critical mother will be visiting BlueBell soon for the holidays. In order to avoid spending quality time with her mother, she busies herself with a patient but potentially ruins Christmas Eve for the whole town. Trying to fix the problem, Zoe upsets Wade by turning to his dad (guest star Christopher Curry).

New Girl‘ (9pm ET on Fox) **Fall Finale** Record Now

When the gang attempts to juggle multiple holiday parties in one night, Jess tries to avoid a remorseful Sam (guest star David Walton), Nick tries to keep up with a sexually adventurous Angie (guest star Olivia Munn) and Winston panics when he gets a cranberry stuck in his ear.

Parenthood‘ (10pm ET on NBC) **Fall Finale** Record Now

he holiday incites a mix of emotions as Adam and Kristina experience a health scare while Crosby and Jasmine celebrate their first Christmas together as a family. Sarah is torn between her feelings for Mark (Jason Ritter) and her evolving relationship with Hank (Ray Romano). Amber and Ryan face challenges in their relationship.

'Glee' (Fox)

Wednesday December 12:

Arrow‘ (8pm ET on The CW) **Fall Finale** Record Now

Oliver discovers that after he and his father went missing, Moira and Thea stopped celebrating Christmas. Determined to make up for lost time and restore a sense of normalcy to the Queen household, Oliver decides to throw the family a Christmas party. Meanwhile, Tommy asks Laurel to spend Christmas with him but she points out that Christmas was also her sister Sara’s birthday and she needs to be with her father.

Modern Family‘ (9pm ET on ABC) **Fall Finale** Record Now

Manny and Luke’s little league team unexpectedly makes it into a playoff game, so Claire and Cameron scramble to find a location and decide to do a makeover on a rundown field. Inspired, Claire and Cam want to try their hand at flipping a house while they’re at it, and Phil and Mitchell fight over who will be the bad guy to tell them no.

CSI‘ (10pm ET on CBS) **Fall Finale** Record Now

When five people are killed in a small plane crash a mile off the Vegas strip, the CSI team is called to investigate. Also, Sara feels the strain of having a long-distance relationship with Grissom when a former lover of hers is involved with the crash investigation.

Thursday December 13:

The Big Bang Theory‘ (8pm ET on CBS) **Fall Finale** Record Now

Sheldon revisits some Christmas memories during a game of Dungeons and Dragons, while Penny, Bernadette and Amy try to find a girl for Koothrappali when he joins the girls for ladies’ night.

The Vampire Diaries‘ (8pm ET on The CW) **Fall Finale** Record Now

As a Winter Wonderland-themed party fills the streets of Mystic Falls, Stefan and Caroline find themselves at odds with Tyler over his plans for Klaus and his hybrids. When Caroline proposes a solution to their problem, Hayley (guest star Phoebe Tonkin) finds a dramatic way to make it clear that she is not on board.

‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (9pm ET on ABC) **Fall Finale** Record Now

As the rest of the doctors prepare for Bailey’s wedding, Richard helps her through a bout of pre-wedding jitters. Meanwhile, Lizzie butts heads with Meredith, and Callie and Jackson try to convince Derek to participate in a risky surgery that could fix his hand.

Glee‘ (9pm ET on Fox) **Fall Finale** Record Now

In an homage to the beloved holiday film “Love, Actually,” seemingly separate storylines come together to form one merry episode. As the end of 2012 draws near, Sam and Brittany live their lives to the fullest before the Mayan Apocalypse occurs. Meanwhile, Jake and Puck spend quality sibling time together for Hanukah, Artie has a holiday dream that changes his outlook on life and Kurt has a Christmas he’ll never forget.

Scandal‘ (10pm ET on ABC) **Fall Finale** Record Now

While working in the White House, Olivia helps Vice President Sally Langston; Cyrus stumbles across the truth about James’s secret investigation; and one of Olivia’s associates struggles to come to terms with a shocking betrayal.

Sunday December 16:

Survivor: Philippines‘ (8:30pm ET on CBS) **Season Finale** Record Now

The final three present their case to the jury. Who will take home the $1 million grand prize?

Dexter‘ (9pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the seventh season finale, LaGuerta is on the verge of exposing Dexter and his killer ways, while he does his best to cover for himself and Debra.

Family Guy‘ (9pm ET on Fox) **Fall Finale** Record Now

Peter tells his own version of the Nativity story in the all-new “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” episode.

Homeland‘ (10pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the second season finale, Carrie is faced with a tough decision, while Brody meets with Faber to go over the future of the family.

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