Watch: Jamie Foxx Takes the Cake as ‘SNL’ Guest-Host

Jamie Foxx played a giant human Ding Dong on "Saturday Night Live" (Photo: NBC)

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx played a Hostess Ding Dong who complained that Twinkies were getting all the attention in the wake of Hostess declaring bankruptcy a few weeks ago.

Foxx appeared costumed as the iconic, hockey puck-shaped, chocolate-coated snack cake during “Weekend Update” Saturday night on “Saturday Night Live,” which Foxx guest-hosted, with musical guest Ne-Yo.

Foxx, as the life-sized Ding Dong, was invited on “Update” by anchor Seth Meyers. Elsewhere on the “SNL” episode, Foxx played a bailiff on a fictional afternoon court show and a “pimp” who sold Christmas trees on the streets of New York. He even poked fun at Tyler Perry in a bit that spoofed Perry’s cop-thriller “Alex Cross” and Perry’s most famous character, the outspoken “Madea,” at the same time.

Of all of these, it was Foxx’s performance as the angry, maligned snack food that we liked best — which is why the “Ding Dong” clip is the first one up as we recap this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Watch Jamie Foxx as a Hostess Ding Dong right here:
[iframe 580 476]

When he was first introduced, Foxx delivered a monologue that focused primarily on race as he declared, “Black is the new white!” He then went on to comment comedically on the New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn, rapper Jay Z, and President Obama. Foxx even took a moment or two to plug his upcoming movie “Django Unchained,” directed by Quentin Tarantino, in which Foxx plays an African-American slave who seeks revenge against his white captors.

Watch Jamie Foxx’s “SNL” monologue:
[iframe 580 476]

When it came time to spoof Tyler Perry, Foxx played two, very different Perry roles — the homicide detective Alex Cross and the comedic Medea. In the bit — which was styled as a coming-attractions trailer for a “sequel” to the first “Alex Cross” movie that came out earlier this year — Medea and Cross were investigating the same crime.

Take a look at this one, here:
[iframe 580 476]

Here in New York, and possibly other cities too, we have long been fascinated by the yearly phenomenon that recurs every holiday season, as mini-Christmas tree marts suddenly pop up all over the place on the city’s sidewalks on the day after Thanksgiving. Many of these migratory tree-sellers are apparently from Canada, where these trees are grown. However, an “SNL” sketch depicted a pair of New York tree purveyors who were evidently home-grown — two “Christmas tree pimps” played by Kenan Thompson and Foxx.

Watch this tree-pimpin’ comedy bit right here:
[iframe 580 476]
Now watch the entire episode of “Saturday Night Live,” with guest-host Jamie Foxx:
[iframe 580 476]

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