Camille Grammer Reveals Kelsey’s Bad Behavior, Why Their Divorce Still Isn’t Final

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You’ve gotta love Camille “Straight Talk” Grammer. The way she candidly dishes on ex-husband Kelsey Grammer, she deserves the “Truth Cannon” title more than Brandi Glanville.

On Monday night’s episode of “Watch What Happened Live,” Camille joined Andy Cohen and Julie Chen in the clubhouse. After diplomatically answering the obligatory “RHOBH” questions from callers, Camille opened up about Kelsey

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“Has Kelsey done anything d*ckish lately that we should know about?” Cohen asked. Throwing her hands up in mock-defeat, Camille began delineating a laundry list of offensives before landing on a particularly egregious and rude offense.

For the sake of her kids, Camille recently tried to make nice with Kelsey’s new wife, Kayte Walsh.  She is their stepmother, after all. Apparently, Kayte didn’t take too kindly to Camille’s outreached olive branch and responded by issuing an order that Camille not be present when she and Kelsey come to pick up the children during their custody transition. Shocked? Horrified? So was everyone in Andy’s studio, who responded with angry gasps and cries. “Wow, my audience does not care for that at all,” Cohen remarked.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Camille’s Straight Talk Express Train stopped at “Anderson Live,” where she told Cohen’s BFF all about how her divorce with Kelsey isn’t actually final because he keeps making last-minute changes to their terms; and how Kelsey still refuses to speak to her and won’t allow her name to be uttered in his home. Check out the highlights of her chat with the Silver Fox below:

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