Bethenny Frankel Tells Andy Cohen She’s Had Enough of Jill Zarin’s BS

Bethenny Frankel on "Watch What Happens Live" (Bravo)

Bethenny Frankel has had just about all she can take of her former friend and ex-“RHONYC” co-star Jill Zarin.

During a solo appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” Tuesday night, Frankel was shown clips of Zarin’s recent appearance on the show in which she bashed Frankel, saying their relationship was just business; accused host Andy Cohen of playing favorites with the “Housewives”; and boasted about how many more Twitter followers she had than “all of the ‘Housewives’ of New York City put together.”

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After each clip was shown, Cohen offered Frankel an opportunity to respond to Zarin’s rant — and Beth didn’t hold back.

Asked about their relationship being business instead of a true friendship, Frankel said that’s “a bag of bullsh-t.”

As for Zarin’s claims that she has more Twitter followers, Frankel said she had no idea how many followers she has because, “Who has the time to think about these kinds of things?

“I said it back in the day,” she added, “You need to get a damn hobby!”

As the barrage of clips continued, Frankel began to grow weary. “My eyes are open but I’m asleep right now,” she told Cohen. Wanting to nip the torturous interview in the bud, Frankel concluded by telling Cohen that she believed Zarin’s appearance on the show was merely a desperate attempt to try and remain in the press.

“Here’s the honest truth about this entire interview that she did,” she said. “Back in the day I was very very angry at her, and in general I don’t think that you should hold onto anger. I honestly wish her well and I hope that she’s happy.

“I do think that people tend to do things in the press to keep themselves relevant and I know she ended up regretting that … I hope she’s well, I honestly, honestly do. But it’s enough — it’s enough.”

Watch Bethenny’s “WWHL” Appearance Below:

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