Anderson Cooper Tells ‘The View’: ‘I Couldn’t Be Happier Being Gay’

Anderson Cooper (Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

When Anderson Cooper stopped by the set of “The View” on Thursday morning, the formerly guarded news reporter was quick to open up to the show’s hosts about a laundry lists of topics, including his formerly closely guarded private life.

Cooper, who publicly came out this summer, was happy to answer the hosts’ questions about his decision to finally open up about his sexuality to his fans.

“I had come out in high school, actually, to my friends and my family, and I’ve always been open at work among my colleagues, but I’d wanted a certain amount of privacy in my public life,” said Cooper. “And I travel to a lot of dangerous areas. I started as a war correspondent, traveling by myself, and I didn’t want to do anything that would add danger. I traveled a lot of places where they killed gay people and still continue to kill gay people… But I also got to the point where I feel, as a public person, there is a responsibility to send a message that I’m very proud of being gay, I couldn’t be happier being gay, and that you can be successful, you can be happy, and for those of us with a public life, it is important to make that statement.”

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While the CNN host seemed comfortable talking about his once off-limits personal life, he was less than thrilled to talk about a rumor the hosts had heard regarding the stylish star’s personal habits.

“I heard a little something about you,” said Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “You wear the same pair of jeans every day, you never wash them.”

An amused Cooper laughed it off. “This has gotten blown out of proportion! I just don’t wash them every day. You want to keep the denim — you let them go for a while.”

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Despite what may be less-than-stellar denim upkeep, Cooper’s “Silver Fox” reputation remains intact, as evidenced by a nod in People Magazine’s recent “Sexiest” issue.

“I was on, like, the Grey List,” said a bashful Cooper, referring to his spot on People’s “50 Shades of Grey” section. “I wasn’t one of the sexiest, I was just on the grey one, and I was the greyest of all of them. I was the whitest and greyest of all. In my mind, I have salt-and-pepper hair, but I don’t have any pepper left.”

While Cooper consistently maintains his calm under pressure, whether it’s coming under fire in war zones or getting a harsh reminder of his super-silver status, there’s always one thing that put sweat on his brow: his unpredictable CNN New Year’s Eve co-host.

“It’s very cold out there, but for that hour and a half, I never sweat more than I do when I’m standing next to Kathy Griffin,” said Cooper.

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