‘Sesame Street’ Tackles Divorce for First Time

by | December 13, 2012 at 2:03 PM | Sesame Street, The Today Show

“D” is for … divorce.

Sesame Street” is headed down a new road, covering the sensitive subject of divorce for the first time ever.

The classic children’s program aims to teach kids how to deal with their parents splitting up in a new video that debuted this week in which it is revealed that “Sesame Street” character Abby Cadabby’s parents live apart.

The video is featured online only, however, and won’t air on TV. Since it’s a painful subject, the show doesn’t want to upset children that are not impacted by divorce or living in a house divided. But for those that are, it’s important for families to address the subject and Abby Cadabby’s example could open the door to communication and understanding among the toddler set.

“Sesame Street” attempted to cover broken marriages before, with a segment shot back in 1992 that featured Snuffleupagus going through a parental split, but it never aired. When the episode was tested and viewed by a focus group of pre-schoolers, the children became upset, confused and some even started to cry, worrying that their parents were splitting up too. Producers ultimately decided to can the episode and have kept “Sesame Street” detoured from the subject, until now.