‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Show Continues Its War on Weddings

Chandra Wilson of 'Grey's Anatomy' (Photo: ABC)

What does “Grey’s Anatomy” have against weddings? Did a wedding kill Shonda Rhimes puppy? Is it some protest against the Wedding Industrial Complex? Whatever the reason, now Ben and Bailey’s nuptials join the tradition of Meredith and Derek’s Post-It wedding; Cristina and Owen’s rushed, everyone-knows-this-is-a-bad idea wedding; Alex and Izzie’s marriage that was just supposed to last for a couple of days because she was allegedly dying; and every other unhappy wedding on the show. The only couple who got to have a legitimately happy wedding was Callie and Arizona. Perhaps that’s because at the time it was not legal.

Here are the highlights of this week’s episode:

Runaway Bride

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is freaked out about her wedding because no woman on this show can ever be happy about getting married, even though Ben is damn near perfect and has planned a beautiful ceremony. Ben, you are doing your internship in my city. I appreciate you. Want to get a drink? I digress. The day before the ceremony, she asks Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to be her bridesmaids by ordering them to stand in the front at the wedding. That’s how not into getting married she is. Callie jokes that she can be a runaway bride.

The Chief (James Pickens Jr.) counsels Bailey that everyone feels anxious before they get married. She says that she wasn’t with her first husband. Given how that turned out, the nerves seem like a good thing. He surprises Bailey, who planned to drive herself to the wedding, by showing up at her house with a limo. Call him Watts. They have to turn around on their way to the church because Adele has been rushed to the ER. Of course, Bailey doesn’t bother to phone Ben to let him know what happened. The Chief disagrees with the way Bailey steps in to help. She takes off her wedding dress, puts on scrubs and seems far happier to be at work than getting married. This is the first time I’ve been angry with Bailey.

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Derek Has His Surgery

Meredith does not want Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to tell his sister Lizzie (Neve Campbell) that she is pregnant. She is convinced she will have a miscarriage. She has her ultrasound. Everything looks good, but Meredith can’t relax and enjoy being pregnant. Because Lizzie is short, this operation will require taking nerves from both of her legs. Derek considers this reason to back out. So Meredith goes behind his back and tells Lizzie to do it. Lizzie calls out Meredith for not inviting her to meet the baby, or to her City Hall wedding. She’s Derek’s sister. Isn’t it up to him to invite her? Meredith claims she doesn’t know how to be family, which is a cop out. The operation goes smoothly, which is anti-climactic after all the build-up. Afterward, Meredith shows her the ultrasound. Congratulations Lizzie, you’re the replacement Lexie.

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Owen and Cristina Discover That Conversation Is a Useful Way to Convey Information

Owen (Kevin McKidd) tells Cristina (Sandra Oh) that their divorce papers are ready. Meredith learns from Derek that Cristina’s divorce is good for their lawsuit. When Meredith asks Cristina about it, she is shocked to learn that’s why Owen rushed it. She confronts him about going behind her back. He blurts out that he chose the airline. Cristina tells him he isn’t responsible. He is convinced someone needs to take responsibility. She asks if that’s the only reason he asked for a divorce, admitting she wanted to try again. He kisses her. Unless either one of them has changed their stance on children, it’s hard to imagine things working out any better this time.

Intern-Attending Speed Dating

April (Sarah Drew) sets Jackson (Jesse Williams) up with Stephanie AKA Grumpy because she thinks they need to bring other people to the wedding. This sets up a dating chain reaction. April brings Ross while Alex gets set up with the former foster kid, who he is now feuding with because she told Arizona that Alex made her perform a procedure that was over her head. The takeaway is that Stephanie is absolutely gorgeous without her frizzy hair and glasses, and April is going to regret fixing them up.

Callie Finally Calls Arizona Out

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is uncomfortable about having to wear flats to the wedding. Callie cheers her up. They still haven’t had sex. Finally, Callie snaps and tells her to stop whining, that her whole life has become about the leg. America cheers. It’s beautiful.

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