‘Last Man Standing’ Cast Shares Their Favorite Holiday Films

"Last Man Standing" stars Tim Allen and Nancy Travis (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Last Man Standing” airs its Christmas episode on Friday, Dec. 14, and instead of Mike (Tim Allen) and Vanessa (Nancy Travis) dreaming of a warm and wonderful family Christmas like usual, Vanessa longs for the quiet Christmases she shared with her hubby before they had kids.

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So, Mike decides the best present he can get for her is her heart’s desire and he finagles his daughters to send them out of town for the holidays — but, of course, things don’t go smoothly.

“It is almost an anti-Christmas episode in a way,” says Christoph Sanders, who plays Kyle. “It is nice because I don’t feel like we shot a Christmas episode. We shot a good episode that happened during the time of Christmas. Last season, we had the Christmas dinner. This season it is not so much about that. It is more about as you get older and your kids get older, Christmas turns into something different. It is not necessarily about all sitting around together, you have your own lives.”

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Fans of “Last Man Standing” will, of course tune in for the Christmas episode, but XfinityTV.com spoke to the stars of the series to find out what they will be watching this holiday season. Here is the cast’s list of favorite Christmas movies:

Tim Allen (Mike): I like the one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye — “White Christmas” — where the things open up at the end. There are so many elements about it that are wonderful and I like that era. That first “The Santa Clause” was a great experience and it was a great experience to watch other people. It was sad and wonderful. It was honest how we did it. We didn’t have much money. I really like how it went. The simplest ideas are the best: a loser turns into Santa Claus. That is a simple script. That was the old Walt Disney. Watch “The Santa Clause” with XFINITY On Demand.

Nancy Travis (Vanessa): I think “The Sound of Music” because it is on every year at this time of the year and I love it. And also, “Gone with the Wind,” because it is also on this time of the year, and it is one of my favorite films. I was infatuated with Vivien Leigh and I wanted to be her, so there is a trajectory there. Watch “Gone with the Wind” with XFINITY On Demand.

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Molly Ephraim (Mandy): I am going to say “Elf” and “A Christmas Story.” “Christmas Story” because of the onesie. When I go home for Christmas breaks, my brother and I will go to Target and get matching onesies. “Elf” because of Will Ferrell eating all the spaghetti with the candy on top. Watch “A Christmas Story with XFINITY On Demand.

Kaitlyn Dever (Eve): Mine will have to be “Elf,” too, and “The Santa Clause” movies. Seriously, I watched them my whole childhood and it is really cool working with Tim now. Those are my two favorites. Watch “Elf” with XFINITY On Demand.

Amanda Fuller (Kristin):Home Alone.” That is what I grew up with and now they are playing it at some drive-in downtown. I am going to see it at some point. It is really nostalgic — and it’s hilarious. It is nice to laugh during the holidays. I have brothers so pranks are common in my family. Also, “It’s a Wonderful Life” — it’s classic, beautiful and tears every time. Watch “Home Alone” with XFINITY On Demand.

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Hector Elizondo (Ed):Miracle on 34th Street” — the original — because it is delightful and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It made an impression on me. Something grabbed me. I didn’t understand why. “It’s a Wonderful Life” had enough of a philosophical point of view that you look at it in later years and it has enough of an edge to keep it fresh. Watch “Miracle on 34th Street” with XFINITY On Demand.

Christoph Sanders (Kyle): “A Christmas Story,” clearly. I think it is all about the dad in that one. Then, the one with Chevy Chase — “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” More than anything, it is nostalgia for me because we watch it every year as a family when I go back home. Watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” with XFINITY On Demand.

Tim also shared his idea of what Mike would pick as his favorite Christmas movies: Any war movie that had Christmas in it. “The one with Michael Lembeck’s dad, Harvey: ‘Stalag 17.’ Didn’t it have a Christmas tree? ‘A Midnight Clear’ would also be a good one. That is Mike Baxter’s stuff.”

The “Putting a Hit on Christmas” episode of “Last Man Standing” airs Friday, Dec. 14 at 8/7c on ABC.

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