‘Dexter’ Season Finale Stuns Fans with New Killer Twist

Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Lauren Velez of 'Dexter' (Photo: Showtime)

Sunday night’s “Dexter” finale blows away a long-time character — and fans. As promised, the stunning end of Season 7 set up the beginning of the end for “Dexter,” with Season 8 expected to be the Showtime series’ last.

(spoiler alert)

So how will it all end for Dexter Morgan? Will he ultimately get away it? The situation took a turn for the even worse when his sister Deb made a majorly unexpected move and shot Capt. LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) to death in the final moments of the finale after she was forced to choose between Brotherly Love and The Right Thing. The impact of the shocking scene was reinforced by the heart-wrenching moment when the good-and-moral Deb instantly realizes what she’s done and runs to Maria, hugging her body and crying hysterically. Dexter, who had been prepared to do the dirty deed himself, stands by horrified that there’s now another killer in the Morgan family. If their previous sibling bombshells (Dexter’s Dark Passenger revealed, Deb’s disillusioned romantic feelings for her adopted bro) didn’t alter their relationship forever, this certainly will. Because someone’s not coming out of all this scot-free.

Viewers knew that LaGuerta’s relentless pursuit of the Bay Harbor Butcher and clearing her former lover/partner James Doakes’s name was going to come to an end for good, even if she didn’t meet “the code” … but not like this.

And thus Season 7’s arc is complete; the season opened with Deb learning her brother is a serial killer, becoming an accessory to covering up the murder she caught him doing, trying to cope with her decisions, pursuing his new serial killer girlfriend (out of justice not jealousy, right?) and ultimately, becoming a killer (and a cop killer to boot) herself. The evolution of Deb’s good cop to … complicated cop has angered some fans, who’ve already felt the show has been shark-jumping since last year’s heavily criticized season. Others, though, loved the twist and believe this season has redeemed itself and returned the show to its killer form.

Here are the top OMG moments from the seventh-season finale of “Dexter”:

~Holy crap, it’s DEB not Dexter who kills off that pesky LaGuerta! In the words of Lt. Debra Morgan, Holy Mother of f***ing f***!

~Dexter gets arrested! LaGuerta thought she had enough evidence to prove Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, but before you can say gotcha, Dex is outsmarting everyone as usual and cleverly frames the obsessed LaGuerta for setting him up for that long-awaited kill of his mother’s murderer, Estrada. P.S. With LaGuerta dead, you can probably expect Angel Batista’s retirement to be short-lived.

~Hannah McKay escapes! Thanks to a poison pill she popped at the court house (obtained from her old pal Arlene), a convulsing Hannah was rushed to a hospital instead of back to jail, where an unattended prisoner conveniently escapes restraints and disappears. Before that, in a somber jailhouse visit, the poisonous beauty confesses to Dexter she spiked Deb’s water in last week’s episode (but do we believe her?), and Dexter says he’ll miss the one person he can be himself with, even though he turned her in and chose to protect his sister instead. (“You were supposed to choose me!” Hannah pouts.) Later, Hannah delivers a haunting parting gift — a black orchid — to Dexter’s door…. Ominous foreshadowing that she’s not done with Dex yet? Yvonne Strahovski is expected to return next season (although contract renewals are still in the works), so don’t expect Hannah to slink away and never be heard from again just yet.

~The “return” of James Doakes (Erik King): Welcome back, mother******! (the episode’s title) Dexter’s scowling nemesis, the Miami Metro detective he framed as the Bay Harbor Butcher, who was torched in a fire set by Dexter’s arson-addicted psycho ex-sponsor, appeared in a series of flashbacks in the finale. It was a fun cameo for fans of the foul-mouthed muscle man, who’s been sorely missed from the cast and probably never should have been written off so early in the show’s run.

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