‘Survivor’s’ Lisa Whelchel Lines Up Next Gig

by | December 17, 2012 at 10:20 PM | Celebrities, Survivor, TV News

She may not have won “Survivor,” but finalist Lisa Whelchel is moving on with her life. The one-time “Facts of Life” star is packing her bags for the west coast where she has already scored a new gig co-hosting “The Jeff Probst Show” with the “Survivor” host.

The actress said that her run on the daytime talk show will air in January.

“We really did have some good back and forth at Tribal Council,” she told EW.com. “It felt right, and it was fun and easy and hopefully we can bring that to his talk show too.”

After that, however, the actress will be looking for a return to television sitcoms and will be looking to score a deal for a TV pilot.

“I’m moving to California. I would love to get another sitcom,” she told Yahoo! TV.