‘The Voice’ Finale: Who Took Home the Crown?

"The Voice": Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Christina Aguilera got her birthday wish tonight—a pop girl finally took the crown on “The Voice.” Cassadee Pope, the former front woman of Florida-based band Hey Monday, was crowned the victor of Season 3, after a season-long ascent from Avril Lavigne/Katy Perry imitator to emotional country interpreter, under the tutelage of coach Blake Shelton. Scottish rocker Terry McDermott landed in second place, and Nicholas David in third.

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In a two-hour-long show that was more variety concert than suspenseful results announcement, the three finalists each got to perform with someone more famous than them (Cassadee with the Killers and Avril Lavigne; Cassadee and Terry with Kelly Clarkson; Terry with Peter Frampton; Nicholas with Smokey Robinson), and with a handful of people less famous than them—their favorite former contestants. There was also a couple of seriously famous people—Rihanna and Bruno Mars—who performed all on their own.

Being that this was Cee Lo Green’s last night on “The Voice” forever, he held nothing back in his wardrobe tonight, wearing all white football shoulder pads adorned with not just spikes, but also chains. Poor Nicholas David, when he found out he was in third place, had to try to hug that.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Voice/7958122402999891112/12718147788/And-the-Winner-Is…/embed 580 476]

Christina, who was celebrating her 32nd birthday (though she looks older than Smokey Robinson—but that’s Smokey’s botox doctor’s fault/achievement), was also in chains—black and silver, plus feathers and jewels. Adam Levine cleaned up real nice in a black tux with white shirt and white bowtie. And Blake Shelton wore what he wears everyday—a black blazer over a black button-down shirt. Only this time, the blazer’s lapels were a little shinier than usual. The finalists all wore red and black: “The Voice”s team colors.

Of course, there were a few costume changes, the most striking of which was the one where Cee Lo, performing with the other coaches Green Day’s “Time of Your Life,” went and put on yesterday’s sparkle zebra shorts-suit. Please, god, don’t let it be true that Cee Lo has actually run out of things to wear!

The results were definitely the least important thing on this episode, saved for the last minute and a half of the show. Boom: Cassadee won. Boom: hugs. Boom: handed a mic, started to sing, and not two lines in, the show was gone.

Despite the lack of fanfare for Cassadee, this entire season of “The Voice” was an improvement over the two that came before. By stretching out the season by a few weeks, we were given more time to be with the contestants—even just to think about the contestants, before the eliminations. In seasons past, the chopping block came so rapidly for so many, that we never really got to care about any particular individual over the weeks.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Voice/7958122402999891112/12715075941/Cassadee%2C-Terry-and-Kelly-Clarkson%3A-%22Catch-My-Breath%22/embed 580 476]

But with a longer round of blind auditions, a battle round that included a save, the new knockout round, and fewer eliminations during the live shows, we had just started growing attached to some of these singers. The bond still isn’t as strong as on a show like “American Idol,” which, much to our chagrin, runs for five months, but to our liking, let’s us fall in love with the contestants. But it’s definitely burgeoning, and the slower pace allowed us to come around to folks like Cassadee and Melanie Martinez, performers who had time to grow stronger over the course of the season.

Overall, it was an excellent music competition, as these things go. A talented batch of singers, a lack of time-wasting bad auditions, and really sweet coaches who genuinely seem to care about their contestants, made this show one you don’t have to be embarrassed about watching.

Some random observations:

Carson Daly called The Killers one of the best rock bands of all time. “Don’t want your picture on my cell phone” was one of their lyrics. Explain that one to me.

Kelly Clarkson looks amazing from the neck up, but someone please explain to me how she repeatedly wears such unflattering outfits as a pants-cape? Her TV wardrobe is a constant problem.

How many times do you think Rihanna says the word “diamonds” in “Diamonds (In the Sky)”? I’m betting more than a hundred. It’s like, now, that word doesn’t even sound like English anymore, I can’t tell what it even means.

Liz Davis—still wearing something inappropriately short.

The finalists each were given cars in a kind of icky Kia commercial starring Christina Milian in an elf’s uniform. She actually announced a la “Price is Right,” “A new caaaaar!”

Did Kelly Clarkson basically tell Nicholas and Terry that it’s okay that they lost—10 minutes before the results were announced? The things that go on in that corporately sponsored skybox…

Pretty sure when Carson asked Terry what winning would mean to him, and Terry talked about his family, they went and showed Nicholas’ gal and baby.

What ever happened to Cee Lo’s bird?

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