‘Wheel of Fortune’ Controversy Erupts Over Questionable Ruling

'Wheel of Fortune' (Photo: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube)

The Scrooges judges over at “Wheel of Fortune” denied a contestant a win on Wednesday’s episode of the long-running game show due to her pronunciation.

The “G”-rated controversy is over a holiday-themed puzzle that featured a line from the Christmas Carol “The 12 Days of Christmas,” which contestant Renee correctly solved as “Seven Swans A-Swimming.”

She gave something of a lazy answer, however, and failed to clearly enunciate the “G” at the end of the phrase, saying “Seven Swans A-Swimmin'”. (Her clues were the letters “SE_EN S_ _NS A-S_ _MM _NG” — note the “G” was revealed on the board, so she knew it was there.)

But The Powers That Be behind the wheel buzzed Renee’s answer and deemed it incorrect.

“Yeah … can’t accept that,” host Pat Sajak said before swiftly moving on to the next contestant.

When the turn passed to the confused Amy, she took two risky spins to solve the puzzle herself and ended up winning $1,900 with the same answer. Afterward she told Sajak, “I thought she said that.”

“You know what happened was, she answered in the vernacular,” Sajak explained of Renee’s response.

The puzzling ruling has created an uproar on the Internet with many viewers claiming that it was unfair.

Watch the Scandal Play Out in the Clip Below:

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/EpClUuumYy8″ 580 476]

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