Will ‘General Hospital’ Star Steve Burton Join ‘The Young & the Restless’?

Steve Burton on "General Hospital" (ABC)

Does Fenmore’s need to stock up on black-T-shirts? TV Guide reports that Steve Burton, who recently departed “General Hospital,” is joining ‘The Young & the Restless.”

Burton was GH’s biggest star for much of his tenure, with his stoic hit man character Jason Morgan appearing in almost every episode and getting the lion’s share of the show’s meaty storylines and romances. When he left GH three months ago he stated that it was solely out of a desire to move to Tennessee with his family and had nothing to do with the show’s recent change in executive producer and headwriter, who kept Burton busy but toned down the show’s outright worship of Jason Morgan.

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However, joining Y&R would reunite Burton with former GH executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. Phelps is known for casting actors she has worked with before, but so far the only GH alum that she has brought to the show is Ignacio Serricchio, who played a relatively small role on GH years ago. There is as yet no word on who Burton would play. There have been rumors that Billy Miller, who plays Billy Abbott, plans to leave the show when his contract expires. Both actors are tall, blue-eyed blondes. Could Burton be a Billy recast? Or will he play an entirely new role?

Ironically, Phelps fired two former GH A-listers, Genie Francis and Stephen Nichols, who were on Y&R when she took over. (Nichols final episodes are still airing.) She also let go one of daytime’s biggest stars, “All My Children” alumna Debbi Morgan. Based on the lukewarm at best receptions to their characters, Y&R fans have shown they will only be impressed by the stars of other shows if they are playing interesting characters with compelling storylines. Burton does have an especially passionate fanbase that may follow him to Y&R.

Thus far, Y&R’s spokesperson has not responded to requests for confirmation that Burton is joining the show.

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