Emily Thorne’s Red Sharpie of Justice Resurfaces on ‘Revenge’

Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (ABC)

Revenge” is back from break, and so is the Red Sharpie. This return to the show’s original structure made “Power” one of the second season’s most cohesive, satisfying installments. Still, I am starting to think that it’s almost time for Emanda’s identity to be exposed. The fallout would create tons of story. The characters on the show are interesting enough that the show would work as a ‘Dallas” style primetime soap. Yes, “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” kept the secret identity aspect of their premises going for years, but they had much shorter seasons. Enough backseat writing. Let’s get out our red pens and examine this week’s highlights.

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Daniel Is CEO – Clueless Executive Officer: Before the fall break, Daniel (Josh Bowman) became CEO over Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) objections. Not only does Conrad want to retain control of his company, but he is afraid of what the Initiative will do to Daniel. Sure enough, Helen is already manipulating the Drunk Poet Executive. She suggests he dig into Grayson Global’s secrets to increase his power. Victoria, unaware of this development, asks Emanda (Emily VanCamp) to persuade Daniel to step down in exchange for her “support.”  Their partnership of enemies is a welcome development. Together, they could rule the world.  So Emanda and Aiden stage a break up. Daniel buys it, though in his defense as far as he knows they have only been dating for a few weeks. Daniel asks Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to create a computer program to locate rogue files at Grayson, which does not make a whole lot of sense but the tech on this show is not super plausible.

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Emanda Controls the Supreme Court: That is not hyperbole. Her target of revenge this week is Judge Barnes, the Supreme Court nominee, who happened to be the judge that presided over David Clarke’s trial. Emanda has a note that she believes was written by his law clerk, James Palmer, stating that the jury was tainted because Juror number 7, who believed in David’s innocence, was removed from the case. Soon after David received the note, Palmer was killed.If you’re confused about the convoluted sequence of events that led to David’s conviction and death, watch the clip above  that explains everything.  Conveniently, Victoria and Conrad have decided to host a gala in support of the Liberty Project, an Innocence Project-like organization that is run by Barnes’ wife Patricia. Victoria invites Emanda to a dinner with Judge Barnes, hoping that it will further Emanda’s efforts to win over Daniel. Emanda drops James Palmer’s name, claiming he was her former professor who died. Barnes claims he  is convinced of David’s guilt. Emanda discovers that Patricia was arrested at an anti-apartheid protest with Palmer. At the Liberty Project benefit, Emanda apologizes to Partricia, who is conveniently covering up her bruises with makeup. She shows Patricia the letter, claiming “Amanda” gave it to her. Emanda encourages Patricia to save her own life, like she did Amanda’s. Patricia makes a speech revealing that Palmer wanted to come forward for years about the trial, then reads the letter written to David claiming that the jury was tainted — and that she wrote it, but Palmer was blamed and killed for it. Then she shows the bruises on her arms, destroying Banes chances at making the Supreme Court. Chalk one up for the Sharpie. A grateful America can thank Emanda for stopping a wife beater from crafting our nation’s laws. What would she have done if Barnes did not have such a terrible personal flaw that was unrelated to his actions during the trial? Maybe she could have blackmailed half the U.S. Senate so he would not be confirmed. Daniel, falling for Emanda’s act hook, line and sinker asks her to run Grayson’s charitable foundation. She accepts, aware that Victoria is spying on her from the Gryason balcony. Daniel kisses her. What she does not realize is that Aiden (Barry Sloane) is also spying, and he is jealous.

Aiden Becomes More than Eye Candy: After Nolan’s meeting with Daniel, he tells Emanda “Prince Oedipus just granted me access to the Gryason Global Intranet.” Aiden asks Nolan to share what he discovers with him before he talks to Daniel. Nolan goes along with this, instead of going straight to Emanda, for reasons that are not especially clear.  Nolan shows Aiden footage of Helen phoning someone, and using a code, which Aiden is able to lip read. Takeda teaches every skill! When Aiden phones the number, Helen answers and says she wants to meet Aiden. This was all part of her scheme! She tells him that his sister Colleen, sex trafficking victim, is alive! Now Aiden is in the Initiative’s pocket.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Revenge/7878683525689254112/13817411769/Power/embed 580 476]

Nolan’s Quips of the Week: It’s not just the audience. Marco (E.J. Bonilla) wants a piece of our favorite double-shirted genius. He attempts to woo his ex back by surprising him with dinner at the office. It doesn’t work because Nolan is still dating the off-camera for the week Padma. Marco shows him  an abandoned NolCorp project on a flashdrive, which Marco suggests he use to take down Grayson. Nolan thinks this mysterious program is dangerous. Maybe it’s a virtual red Sharpie. Helen tells Daniel to follow Nolan’s digital breadcrumbs into NolCorp.

Nolan’s best lines of the week:

Nolan nicknames Aiden Remington Steele. He also callls the faux Emanaiden break up a “fake up” and refers to Daniel as his “child boss.”

Nolan’s very best line, to Aiden about Daniel: “Bros before hos only works if he’s not still in love with ho, bro.

Jack and Declan Continue to Bore: In the show’s worst storyline, Declan (Connor Paolo) discovers that the Ryan brothers are using the Stowaway and boat slip as a front for drug dealing. He finds cocaine hidden in sack of coiffee beans. Maybe this is a “General Hospital” crossover and the Ryans are in cahoots with Sonny Corinthos, mobster/coffee importer. That would liven up the plot. Jack (Nick Wechsler)  tells a cop friend that the Ryans are breaking bad. Unfortunately, the Ryans are onto Jack’s plan, and frame Declan by planting drugs and the gun that was used to kill their father on Amanda the Boat. Instead of taking the opportunity to be rid of his annoying brother, noble stupid Jack takes the rap and is arrested.

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