Watch: Close Shave for Fallon as He Sheds Whiskers on ‘Late Night’

Jimmy Fallon sported a full beard (left) before Monday's "Late Night," but near the end of the show, he was down to just a mustache (Photos: NBC)

Scruffy Jimmy Fallon finally dispensed with his Christmas-holiday facial hair by having it shaved off during NBC’s “Late Night” on Monday.

The whisker-removal process was accomplished in stages, with Fallon getting set upon by two female groomers at the outset of each commercial break during the show. Then, when the show returned after each break, a portion of Fallon’s facial hair was gone until, by the show’s end, he was once again clean-shaven.

For example, after the first shaving session, his unruly beard had been neatened and reduced. Then, in a subsequent break, the beard bit the dust entirely, so that Fallon was left only with a mustache (leading tart-tongued guest Jeff Ross to compare Fallon to Tom Selleck and various archetypes from 1970s porn films).

By the time the show ended, all of Fallon’s facial hair was gone. For the record, the whiskers survived the better part of four episodes of “Late Night,” starting last Wednesday when Fallon returned to the air following a holiday hiatus. Growing beards over extended vacations seems to be a tradition for at least some of the late-night hosts, with David Letterman and Conan O’Brien growing them at various times in their careers. Many years ago, Letterman even had his shaved off on the show by a local New York City barber.

Watch Monday night’s “Late Night” and see Jimmy Fallon’s facial hair disappear:
[iframe 580 476]

Elsewhere on Monday’s “Late Night,” Fallon welcomed guest Betty White (who’s about to turn 91), who played with Fallon’s six-month-old retriever and then played “Pyramid” with Fallon and two contestants plucked from the studio audience.

And Ross, who’s best known for the savagery of the remarks he makes on the Comedy Central Roasts, took aim at the Roots with an impromptu roasting that we highly recommend you watch.

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