Watch: Dave’s ‘Top Ten Other Al Roker Revelations’

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David Letterman didn’t exactly take Al Roker to the cleaners Tuesday night. But Dave’s “Top Ten” did make fun of the very-personal story Roker told on “Dateline” Sunday night about the time Al soiled his pants while visiting the White House.

Truth be told, it was a revelation we could have done without — a story Roker told NBC News medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman about how he lost control of his bowels not long after he underwent bariatric surgery to treat his obesity. Roker appeared on “Dateline” to promote his new memoir about his weight loss, “Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle For Good.”

So Letterman and his writers produced a “Top Ten” list titled “Top Ten Other Al Roker Revelations.” We assume they probably invited the “Today” show weatherman to come on the show and recite this list personally, but he was nowhere to be seen on “Late Show” Tuesday night, so Dave read the list himself.

Among the items:

“No. 10: Big ‘One Direction’ fan!”

And “No. 5: Disqualified from Weather Hall of Fame for gambling on the heat index!”

You can see the rest of them in our clip, above. And you can watch the interview with Roker from Sunday’s “Dateline” on NBC HERE.

Meanwhile, if you watch the “Top Ten,” you may notice Letterman making reference to Tuesday night’s premiere of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at 11:35 p.m. (10:35c) on ABC — putting Kimmel in direct competition with Letterman and Jay Leno. It was just before Letterman recited the No. 1 item on the “Top Ten” list. Feigning exasperation, Letterman said: “Did I mention that there are now three of these shows in production now? It takes three of them to keep America entertained!”

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