Watch: Josh Brolin Speaks Out on His New Year’s Eve ‘Arrest’

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David Letterman got on the subject right away, just as soon as Josh Brolin took his seat on Letterman’s “Late Show” Wednesday night.

“Were you arrested or just detained?” Dave wanted to know, referring to the news that broke a few days after New Year’s Eve that Brolin, 44, had been arrested for “public intoxication” just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. The incident took place in Santa Monica, Calif., when cops apparently encountered the actor, and quickly became suspicious that he had been drinking. While the incident has been characterized as an “arrest” in some reports, the reports also say Brolin was never held in custody nor ordered to appear in court. In fact, it’s not even clear if he got a ticket of any kind.

On the “Letterman” show — as you’ll see if you watch the clip, above — Brolin really didn’t clear up any of those details. Instead, he chose to joke about it, but not before expressing a mild annoyance (mixed with bemusement) over Dave’s bringing up the subject in the first place.

“You just went right into that, didn’t you?” Brolin said. “It was pretty uneventful. I was pole-valuting down the street. I was having fun, skipping, I was wearing a tutu, high heels on.”

“Were you in your own neighborhood?” Letterman asked.

“Yes, I was. I was three blocks from home,” replied Brolin, who added that, under the circumstances, it “would have been nicer” if the police officers who stopped him would have taken him home.

“That’s what they would have done in New York City,” said Brolin, who then amended that statement to: “That’s what they’ve done in New York City” — an indication that he’s had a similar incident in New York.

A quick editorial comment on that: If any New York City cops escorted or chauffeured Brolin home when he was intoxicated in the city, then he likely received a level of preferential treatment that the NYPD must reserve for celebrities. Ordinary New Yorkers are definitely not accustomed to that kind of consideration from their police personnel. Plus, if it’s true that Brolin has been intoxicated publicly on both coasts to such an extent as to draw the attention of police, then it’s possible he might have a problem. We’re just sayin’ …

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