‘Body of Proof’ Gets a Revamp, What’s in Store for Season Three?

Dana Delany in 'Body of Proof' (Photo: ABC)

When “Body of Proof” returns on February 5, 2013, it is going to be a ramped up version of the show set in Philadelphia’s medical examiner’s office with stories that the producers promise will be more thrilling and have bigger stakes involved.

In addition, Megan (Dana Delany) will have a love interest this season, but since the producers didn’t want to add a “B” storyline, they needed to find a way to make it happen in the main storyline. Hence, the casting changes.

“What we have done is added a second gear,” Executive Producer Matthew Gross told XfinityTV in an exclusive interview. “It is not just who did it, how and why, but in discovering what is behind that, it is stopping something else from happening. This year we have made a conscious effort. We have zombies, we are doing an exorcism, somebody gets framed for murder, we have a plane crash, and we have a blackout. These are all big stories that are very promotable, that are very exciting, it will make the show more thriller like.”

So here are some of the changes — and reasons why you should tune in for the third season:

The Season Opener, “Abducted,” is a Two-Part Thriller

The third season opens on Tuesday, February 5 with the first of a two-part story that involves a terrorist plot.

“A terrorist is using unorthodox manners to explode things,” Gross says. “In this episode, there are a bunch of what appear to be serial killings but then we realize that these are just test runs for a bigger plot.”

Nicholas Bishop is Gone and Mark Valley is In as Detective Tommy Sullivan

Bishop, who played Investigator Peter Dunlop, was killed off in the Season 2 finale because the producers wanted to find a way to bring Megan’s personal life into the investigation. They came up with the idea to add a detective with whom she had a past relationship. That way the story could play out during the course of the investigation.

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“We wanted to give Dana a love interest but ultimately he couldn’t work for her, or she would run roughshod over him,” Gross tells XfinityTV.”Once we understood that, it was why we had to change the character. This new cop was going to be the love interest that changed the dynamics.”

John Carrol Lynch and Sonja Sohn are Out and Elyes Gabel is In

Lynch, who played Bud, and Sonja Sohn, who played Sam, were casualties of the decision to make Mark Valley a detective on the Philadelphia Police Force as opposed to an investigator in the medical examiner’s office.

“Elyes Gabel, who plays Detective Adam Lucas, will play Tommy Sullivan’s partner,” Gross says.

Geoffrey Arend and Windell Middlebrooks Are Back

The medical examiner’s office needs some comic relief, so Arend is back as Ethan Gross and Middlebrooks is back as

Curtis Brumfield to Add the Comic Relief

“It has been very important to us to respect the dead,” says Executive Producer Christopher Murphey. “We value humor in the show, but it has never been gallows humor at the expense of the victim of whatever crime they are investigating. Hopefully, we have been balanced with gravitas and emotion. You have to have light moments to balance.”

Megan Hunt Will Be More Involved in Action!

In the first two seasons, Megan left the action to the cops, but this year, she will be getting down and dirty thanks to her new relationship with Detective Tommy Sullivan.

“It is a little silly in the high heels,” Delany said. “I feel like I should be wearing a cat suit. I have even had a gun in my hand a couple of times, which medical examiners don’t do, but it is fun.”

Jeri Ryan Returns as Kate Murphy

Last season, Kate almost lost her life to a deadly disease, so this season she is rethinking her life and has decided to run for political office.

“This season Kate starts to go into politics,” Ryan said. “When she almost died and with Peter (Nicholas Bishop) bleeding out, a sense of mortality was on everyone’s mind, so Kate decides now is the time. She is running for congress. It is her having to juggle her political aspirations with this job. She doesn’t want to drop the ball but it isn’t easy. She also has to come to terms with the moral ambiguity of politics.”

“Body of Proof” premieres its third season on Tuesday, February 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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