‘Grey’s Anatomy’: One Wedding and a Divorce


This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Things We Said Today,” is the antithesis of the fall finale. That’s a good thing. That episode ended with Bailey bailing on her own wedding to operate on an ill Adele, continuing a tradition of ill-fated “Grey’s” weddings. This week we pick up right where we left off and set things right for almost everyone. Here are the highlights:

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Bailey is No Longer a Runaway Bride: Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is about to perform surgery on Adele (Loretta Devine) when she is reminded that she is supposed to be getting married and ought to call her fiancee. That’s not a good sign. She phones him to explain what happened. Ben (Jason George)  tells the crowd that Bailey was delayed because she is in surgery but that there will be a wedding. Then he opens up the bar and buffet. Callie is worried that Bailey took her advice about fleeing the wedding. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) heads to the hospital in the hopes of taking over the surgery so Bailey can get married. Instead, it turns out to be such a complicated operation that they need to work together. The Chief watches from the gallery, and phones in advice at a key juncture. Adele survives. Bailey finishes and finds Ben waiting for her. She explains that she was only a no show because it was Adele. She admits that while she was working she forgot all about the wedding. He assures that’s only because she is a good surgeon. She is concerned that her ambition will hurt their marriage just like it did her first one. Ben points out that he’s a doctor too and understands. She puts her wedding dress back on and the two of them have a beautiful wedding in front of their friends who have patiently — or not so patiently — waited for five hours.

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Adele’s Suffering is Over: After her surgery, Adele has a heart attack and dies. The Chief unexpectedly shows up at the wedding and Bailey realizes what happened. It’s very sad, but given Adele’s Alzheimers and deteriorating physical health it’s also a relief that she is no longer in pain. As Bailey and Ben dance, the Chief recalls dancing with Adele at their wedding, when she was young and health. It’s a tear jerker in the best way. RIP Adele. Let’s hope the Chief never learns that a woman who looks just like her is running a brothel in Texas.

Cristina and Owen Have a Sexy Divorce: Cristina (Sandra Oh)  and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) kiss in the previous episode quickly turns into sex on the couch of his office. Afrterward, Cristina does what women are never supposed to do and asks him what the sex meant. He doesn’t want to talk about it. The two are quickly called away to treat some injured bikers. Afterward he tells her it’s time to sign the divorce papers. He doesn’t think they should ever have been married. It’s time they stop hurting each other. He’s right. If one person wants kids and the other does not, it isn’t going to work out. So Cristina signs the papers. Then they kiss. Their marriage is over, but their relationship may not be.

Callie’s Dry Spell is Finally Over: While they are waiting for the wedding, Arizona gets a hotel room so she and Callie can have sex for the first time since she lost her leg. She insists that Callie wait in the bathroom while she takes off her prosthesis and gets under the covers. Then she freaks out and decides she is not ready. Callie, who must be beyond sexually frustrated, just orders champagne. A little alcohol does the trick, and they finally have sex.

The Seattle Grace Intern/Attending Hook Up Tradition Continues: Alex (Justin Chambers)  and Jo compare notes on their rotten childhoods, get drunk, and end up conning the hotel clerk into giving them the keys to someone else’s room. Jackson (Jesse Williams)  is determined not to hook up with Stepahnie for ethical reasons. But after having a conversation about why they won’t sleep together, they begin kissing passionately. If these relationships continue, maybe I’ll be able to remember the interns names.

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