Watch: ‘View’ Gals Ask: Can We Forgive Lance Armstrong?

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It’s the hottest “hot topic” in America at the moment, so it was inevitable that the ladies of “The View” would take up the subject of Lance Armstrong and his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Tuesday on the ABC mid-morning talk show, the co-hosts framed the national conversation about the interview around a couple of key questions — and, in the process, gave kudos to Oprah for getting the interview everybody wanted.

“I just want to say one thing — good for Oprah!” declared Barbara Walters (sounding magnanimous, even though we all know she’d have given her right arm to get the Armstrong interview first). “She got an interview that everyone wanted,” said Walters, who then read some of statements Oprah made about the interview Tuesday morning on “CBS This Morning.”


“Now she said ‘he didn’t come clean in the manner I expected’ and then she said ‘I was satisfied by the answers’,” Walters said, after Whoopi Goldberg raised the subject during the “Hot Topics” segment on “The View.” “But what ever it is, the question is: He cost a lot of people money [and] he cost a lot of people their chance of achievement on their own. Is the fact that he also did so much for cancer, does that mitigate against this?”

The topic of conversation, of course, is the two-and-a-half hour interview Winfrey conducted with Armstrong Monday in Austin, Texas, that will air in two parts on Oprah’s OWN cable channel — Thursday night (Jan. 17) at 9/8c (running 90 minutes), and Friday night (Jan. 18), also at 9/8c (60 minutes). In the interview, Armstrong is expected to tell all about his use of performance-enhancing drugs during his career as a world champion bicycle champion. The admission will reverse years of interviews and public statements in which Armstrong repeatedly denied he used the performance-enhancers.

“I don’t know,” said Goldberg. “I feel like what he did for cancer he did for cancer. [It] has nothing to do with [the doping scandal]. They are two separate things.”

“I think karma’s a ‘b’,” said Sheri Shepherd, tastefully refraining from uttering the full b-word on TV. “When anyone accused Lance Armstrong of doping, he came at them very harsh [and] very critically. [Now] those same people that you came down hard on are coming back at you. They want their money!”

We assume Oprah asked Lance all about the ramifications of his admission — financial and otherwise — in their interview.

What else did the “View” ladies say about Armstrong? Watch the clip above to find out.

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