Watch: On ‘Letterman,’ Kim K. Updates Her Divorce Status

Kim Kardashian (right) and sister Kourtney on "Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday night (Photo: CBS)

Leave it to David Letterman to ask the question all America wants to know: What is the status of Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries?

And incredibly, Kim was relatively forthcoming when she appeared on “Late Show with David Letterman” Wednesday night in New York with sister Kourtney.

The two were promoting the premiere this Sunday night (Jan. 20) of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,” 9/8c on E!.

On “Late Show,” Letterman got Kim to talk about her current flame, Kanye West (with whom she recently became pregnant), and Humphries, the Brooklyn Nets basketball star who she married in August 2011, then split from 72 days later — after E! aired a two-hour prime-time special about their wedding.

“You’re still married to your former husband, Kris Humphries,” Dave said, getting right to it. “When are you gonna wrap that up?”

To her credit, Kim didn’t suddenly become nervous and evasive. “Well, I’m trying,” she said. “It’s a process. I’ve been trying for almost two years now to wrap it up, but it’s hard.”

Watch Dave question Kim Kardashian about her divorce from Kris Humphries:
[iframe—Kim-%26-Kourtney-on-Kris-Humphries/embed 580 476]

Then Dave said, “I guess it’s none of my business,” which is something interviewers often say just before they ask another personal question. “What does he want? Does he want his own show?” Dave asked.

“I can’t speak for Kris, but I just want him to be happy,” Kim said tactfully. “And I want us to move on, and that’s really what I want, is just to move on.”

But Dave kept probing. He got to the heart of the matter when he asked her specifically about Humphries’ desire for an annulment, and not a divorce. And Kim laid it all out, with a little help from Kourtney.

“He wants an annulment, is that right?” Letterman asked. “Why an annulment? What’s the difference here?”

“I would love to give him one,” she said. “But … the only legal way to get an annulment is if fraud were involved, so that’s what’s tricky. So he is suing me for an annulment based on the fact that I frauded him into marrying him for publicity.”

“Oh, so he’s claiming that he was the victim of fraud,” Dave said. Specifically, he was referring to Humphries belief that he was somehow “tricked” or, as Kim would put it, “frauded” into marrying her for the sake of publicity and the millions of dollars she (and presumably he) earned from E! for televising their wedding.

Kim also talked about Kanye West — watch:
[iframe—Kim-Kardashian-on-Kanye-West/embed 580 476]

Of course, Kim has long denied the marriage was a fraud. And she continued to do so on “Letterman.”

“The only way to get an annulment is if one person was frauded,” she explained.

“But fraud was not a factor here, is that right?” Letterman asked, seeming more like a prosecuting attorney than a late-night host.

“Not in my case, no,” Kim said. To which Kourtney added: “But I think if she was going to do it for publicity, she would pick someone that people knew!”

“Wow! Ouch!” Letterman responded, laughing.

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