Deep Soap: ‘GH’s Bradford Anderson and Emily Wilson on Soapdom’s Geekiest Romance

"General Hospital" star Emily Wilson (ABC/RICK ROWELL)

General Hospital’sBradford Anderson and Emily Wilson are two thirds of soapdom’s geekiest love triangle. Port Charles resident computer expert Spinelli (Anderson) finds himself caught between beautiful lab technician (Wilson) and Spinelli’s fashionista ex, Maxie (Kirsten Storms).The situation grew complicated on New Year’s Eve when Ellie got into a car accident and Spinelli believed she had stood him up. He had a drunken one night stand with Maxie, who had just become the gestational carrier for her best friend. Now Maxe is pregnant with Spinelli’s baby, Ellie is paralyzed and everyone is miserable. In a recent interview with, Anderson and Wilson shared why they enjoy playing geeks in a glamorous genre, why this triangle is different from other soap triangles and when Spinelli will figure out he’s going to be a father.

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Poor Ellie. Is she going to walk again?

Wilson: I actually don’t even know, to be honest. I know we aren’t supposed to give away spoilers, but I genuinely don’t have any idea.

Anderson: Yes, we all hope so. Miracles can happen on “GH.”

Everything went wrong on New Year’s Eve and it looks like there will be a Spinelli/Maxie baby that’s going to be passed off as Dante and Lulu’s. It’s a gloriously awful situation.

Anderson: The triangle is written so well in the sense that anyone can root for either one. Everyone’s been represented well. So that’s what’s so great about it. Each heartbreaking moment is exactly that because you can feel for either side and that’s what’s great about it. With Ellie’s injuries, and a baby coming up, it’s going to be really interesting for Spinelli.

Wilson: It’s funny because I will watch Kirsten and Bradford’s scenes and be like, “Oh my gosh, I’m so into Spixie,” and Kirsten will say the same thing when she watches us. She’s like, “Oh, I’m rooting for Ellie.”

Anderson: I don’t want the triangle to end because right now I have two of the best looking women.

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Spinelli has been transformed in the past year. He went from a guy who was the butt of the joke to a guy who plausibly has two women desperate to be with him. Plus, he and Ellie are representing the geek community well.

Anderson: I really think that it wasn’t until [Ellie] came along. Obviously, they have a lot in common. Look at her. She’s way out of his league in terms of looks.

Wilson: Oh, come on.

Anderson: I think being desired by someone else gives him confidence and then seeing him with someone else made Maxie want him back. If he’s confident, and people like him for who he is, he doesn’t try to be anybody else.

Is Maxie always going to be the person Spinelli puts first no matter what?

Anderson: Just because you can’t get away from each other doesn’t mean that you’re right for each other. And I think the Spinelli and Ellie relationship really shows that. They don’t drive each other crazy. They bring out the best in each other.

Wilson: One thing I love about the whole triangle is that every director encourages us to play it so genuinely so we’re not stuck in this manipulative, everyone’s scheming triangle. When he says something to me, he’s meaning it. When he says something to her, he‘s meaning it. It just makes for a tougher triangle. But it’s nice that we get to play the feelings for each other.

One of the things that I like about Ellie is that she is geeky and owns it without being shy or insecure. She broke up with Spinelli when he stood her up on Christmas Eve.

Anderson: She doesn’t take his s—t.

How much of that comes from from the writers and how much of those qualities did you give the character?

Wilson: Kudos to them because I just think they have done a fantastic job with Ellie as a whole, not letting her fall into too soapy territory, keeping everything different and upbeat, and I love that about her. Throwing in the geeky jargon always makes it fun. My favorite moments with her to play are the light moments where we get to be funny or it gets to be a little quirky. I love doing those moments A) because it’s different but B) because I feel like that represents me as a person. It’s easier for me to play those moments than the serious emotional stuff.

How long until Spinelli starts to become suspicious about the baby?

Anderson: Unless Maxie spills the beans, not until that baby comes out with really disheveled hair. I think it’s going to be dragged out pretty long.

But Ellie works in the lab. Won’t there be some test that doesn’t match Dante and Lulu’s DNA?

Wilson: It’s funny how scientifically smart she is but totally oblivious to everything else.

The soap genre seems to be experiencing a sudden resurgence. Do you have any theories about why?

Anderson: I think people are ready for good stories again. I think people still love the reality shows but not every reality show is interesting. People want the stories t thankfully we’re producing. And that’s a big deal.

Wilson: I think for a lot of the faithful fans who may have dropped off due to whatever reason over the years, bringing back a  lot of the old actors has brought back so many fans.

Anderson: Don’t say old. Veteran actors.

Wilson: I didn’t even mean age-wise. I meant alumni.

Do you have any scoop about the Nurses Ball?

Anderson: Fans have been clamoring for the Nurses Ball for years, so that’s big in itself.

Wilson: I’m hoping I can walk by then.

Spinelli and Ellie seem like charitable people who would want to get involved with the Ball. What will their act be?

Wilson: They’ll do a tap duet.

Anderson: Emily’s a great singer.

Wilson: Yeah, right. [Excutive producer] Frank [Valentini’s] like, “You sing, right?” And then he started to walk away and I’m like, “No, no!” I hope he heard me because if I get a script where Ellie has to sing, it’s going to be hard for everyone to listen to.

Anderson: Maybe I’ll sing. Maybe.

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