‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Doctors Become Instant Millionaires

Patrick Dempsey on "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

What would you do if you won the lottery? Quit your job? Travel the world? Buy your dream house? The plane crash survivors are faced with that happy dilemma on “Grey’s Anatomy” this week. Because it’s “Grey’s,” the bizarro universe where surgeons don’t care about money, none of them react like you or I would. Here are the highlights.

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Everyone is Rich: The judge issues a summary judgment, ruling that the hospital was negligent in the plane crash. Each of the survivors is awarded fifteen million dollars. How the hospital – not the charter airline – is responsible, has not been adequately explained by the show. So what if the charter company had a history of safety problems that was a matter of public record? If a car gets a lousy review in Consumer Reports, and that car later blows up due to a design flaw, the car company is still liable. The hospital would immediately appeal this ruling, and, at bare minimum, the awards would end up being reduced as they often are in very large lawsuits. Instead of planning to chuck it all and move to Paris, none of the survivors seem particularly happy. Granted, it’s money they got for surviving a horrific ordeal, and everyone would much rather have Lexie and Sloane than a full bank account, but this is a life altering sum of money. If they wanted to be noble, they could open up a free surgery clinic in a developing nation. Callie (Sara Ramirez) wants everyone to get together for a celebratory dinner, but nobody wants to go. Come on, people, You could eat gold and diamonds. Enjoy it.

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Derek (Patrick Dempsey) admits to Owen (Kevin McKidd) that he blames him for the crash. Owen accepts this, because he also blames himself. While Owen’s guilt is understandable, how come nobody is angry at the charter company or the poor paralyzed pilot who crashed the plane?

The dinner is super awkward, until Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) announces she is pregnant and everyone is happy for her. She has made it through her first trimester and can relax and enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the lawyers tell Owen that the insurance company found a loophole and refuses to pay the settlement. That’s the first believable thing about this lawsuit. I would like to see more stories about patients’ health insurance being similarly stingy. In any case, the hospital will have to pay and go bankrupt. Then it will shut down. How much do you want to bet that everyone invests their settlement money back into the hospital to save it, becoming co-owners?

Owen and Cristina Are Still Sexy Exes: Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) are still sleeping together, having a happy divorce. She tells Meredith that having sex with a man who used to be her husband is way more fun than having sex with her husband. Will the hospital’s impending bankruptcy change that? Probably not. For the record, Avery (Jesse Williams)  and Stephanie are also still hooking up, while Alex (Justin Chambers)  and the annoying formerly poor intern have become best platonic friends.

Weber Has Survivors Guilt: Since Adele’s death. Weber (James Pickens Jr.) has been avoiding Katherine (Debbie Allen), because he feels like he abandoned his wife for their relationship. Of course, Adele had Alzheimers. What he really feels guilty about  is his relationship with Meredith’s mother. He tells Meredith that all he can think about are the holidays and vacations he missed for work, and what a lousy husband he was. He finally has dinner with Katherine and explains that he feels like he failed his wife.

Bailey Had an Unhappy Honeymoon: Bailey has returned from her honeymoon in a less than great mood. It turns out that Ben wanted to have sex on the beach, which led to sand getting in all the wrong places and her getting an infection and sand flea bits on her butt. They only had sex once during their vacation. It’s funny, but it’s also kind of sad.

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