Josh Jackson Tells ‘Fringe’ Fans to Brace Themselves for a ‘Satisfying’ Finale

Josh Jackson on "Fringe" (FOX)

After tonight, the 100th episode, two-hour series finale of Fox’s “Fringe” will be in the books, and you’ll have to find some other immersing diversion to occupy your Friday evenings.  Knitting, perhaps?  What about making your very own “Fringe” action figurines and using your smartphone to imagine Olivia and Peter’s next steps, which showrunner Joel Wyman may totally have left the door open for you to do when he told TVLine that his criteria for a satisfying season finale was pretty simple: “I wanted to be able to get in my car the next day, if I was a fan, and say, ‘I can imagine where [the characters] are now.’  I don’t like to say goodbye at all as a person.”

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Though Wyman may find it trying to take leave of his creations, Josh Jackson has assured “Fringe” fans that they can expect closure from the series finale, and feels pretty confident that most fans will be “satisfied with how the story ends up.”  Without slipping into spoiler territory, Jackson explained that none of show’s characters will be left on the sidelines during the finale.

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“In the finale, as much as Walter may be called on to make a sacrifice and the gang in general is trying to implement Walter and Donald’s plan, I feel the way the script read, everything was spread pretty fairly across all of the players,” Jackson told reporters during a conference call on Friday. ” Everybody has their piece in the story.  And then, ultimately, Peter’s role in the story, as it has always been, is to be the dutiful son and husband and father.  So that plays itself out in a really specific way.  I don’t want to tell you, obviously, but everybody is pretty engaged in the finale.”

Asked whether he’d snagged a memento from the set that he could gaze upon and fondly remember his time on “Fringe,” Jackson told, “You know, everyone always asks me that, but it didn’t even cross my mind while I was there.  The answer, sadly, is no.”

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