’90s Sitcom Star Corin Nemec Recovering From Emergency Surgery

Corin Nemec (Rachel Murray/Getty Images)

Corin Nemec, who starred in the ’90s sitcom “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” is recovering from emergency surgery stemming from a boating accident this past weekend.

TMZ reports that Nemec shattered his leg and suffered a large amount of blood loss following an accident in Belize on Saturday morning. Nemec and roughly 21 other passengers were on board a Coast Guard vessel en rouge to shoot a scene for an upcoming SyFy movie when the boat collided with a semi-submerged barge.

“We hit the sinking barge, and that is what filled the boat to one side immediately with an enormous amount of force, and that threw me into the side of the boat where I shattered my femur in 3 places,” the actor told 7 News Belize.

Nemec was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery and received multiple life-saving blood transfusions.

“The whole event was very scary,” Nemec said, noting that no one on board was equipped with a life vest. “It was one of the first times in my life where I didn’t actually didn’t think I was going to survive something.

“Everybody on board that boat, including the gentlemen working for the Coast Guard, everyone is lucky to be alive.”

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