Deep Soap: Nancy Lee Grahn & Brandon Barash Open Up About ‘GH’ Romance, Twitter and Saving Paper

Brandon Barash on "General Hospital" (ABC)

General Hospital’s” Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Johnny (Brandon Barash) have barely interacted. Alexis’s daughter Kristina pretended to date him for a few episodes, but they have otherwise traveled in different circles throughout their characters respective tenures in Port Charles. After interviewing Grahan and Barash together at ABC’s TCA party, I think that’s a missed opportunity. The two of them are hilarious and outrageous. (It may not have been a coincidence that we were standing next to the bar.) With Johnny facing life in prison, maybe it’s time he hired Alexis to represent him.  Read on to learn the clever way that producers simultaneously cut costs and reduced the possibility of spoilers leaking, the only thing stopping Barash from sleeping with Alexis’s boyfriend, and how Grahn felt the day “Alexis had sex” trended on Twitter.

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How will Johnny get out of the charges against him?

Barash: I have no idea. I don’t know how you redeem the character for doing what he did. And trying to pawn if off on so many people so it will be very interesting to see how it turns out.

It seems like the tide may be turning for soaps, with the return of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”

Grahn: They all did well. I think daytime had the s–t scared out of them. They had their budgets cut. And they started really getting into gear and it worked.

What are Johnnyand Alexis going to be doing for the nurses ball?

Grahn: [Johnny] could do a song and dance from prison.

Barash: Jailhouse Rock.

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Is Kristina going to be staying in Port Charles now that Trey is dead as a doornail?

Grahn: I don’t know. I have no idea. I truly can’t tell you about anything that’s happening. I have no idea. Do you know anything about what’s happening on the show?

Barash: No. Because we don’t get the whole script anymore. We just get our lines. So unless you stay there all day [you don’t find out.]

So is that how the show stopped the leaks?

Barash: It’s part of it. It was under the guise of saving paper, but I’m sure there was a multi-purpose reason, if that makes any sense.

How did it feel the day Alexis Had Sex trended on Twitter?

Grahn: When someone doesn’t have sex for ten years, it trends.

The funniest part was a lot of people tweeting about it didn’t even watch GH.

Grahn: I know. It was, “I have no idea who Alexis is. Why are they talking about her having a sex life?” And you know what? It wasn’t even that great. He was done [in a few minutes].  It came out of nowhere. I was just glad everyone was so happy I had sex.

She had sex again on New Year’s Eve. Everybody but Johnny had sex on New Year’s Eve.

Barash: Who knows? He was in jail, so you never know.

The audience seems to like Alexis and Shawn’s relationship. Other than the brief sex scene, are you happy with it?

Grahn: I think he’s a beautiful black man. Why wouldn’t I be? Who wouldn’t want to have sex with him? He’s gorgeous.

Barash: If I had a vagina, I’d have sex with him. But I don’t have a vagina, so I can’t.

Grahn: He’s a good looking man.

Barash: He’s a Man. He’s a lot of man.

Be honest. How do you feel about Steve Burton leaving GH to move to Tennesse, then joining ‘The Young & the Restless”?

Grahn: (sincere) Good for him. I hope he’s happy.

Barash: I don’t think it’s as calculated as everybody’s made it out to be.

Grahn: People think it’s calculated?

Barash: Of course they do. I have the utmost respect for Steve Burton. He’s a man who prides himself on being a man of integrity. He’s not going to deliberately dick somebody over. And I’m happy for him. He’s doing what he loves.

Grahn:I’m very happy for him.

With so many people coming back to GH, would you like to see Stephen Nichols return to play Stefan Cassadine and have the Cassadine family become more of a force in Port Charles again?

Grahn: I don’t know if it’s a Cassadine thing. I’m more interested in the Davises. I’m more interested in meeting Sam’s father.

Who do you think should be Sam’s father?

Grahn: Not anybody on the canvas.

Is there any hope for Johnny and Carly’s relationship?

Barash: I don’t know. People seem to be digging the Carly-Todd storyline.

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