‘Dallas’: How Will Bobby and John Ross Cope with J.R.’s Death?

Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson and Larry Hagman in the second season of "Dallas" (TNT)

John Ross (Josh Henderson) uses a sex tape to force someone to make a deal; Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) continues her run for Governor; Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) tries to get his marriage to Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) annulled; J.R. (Larry Hagman) conspires with his son to take over Ewing Energies; and Ann (Brenda Strong) gets shocking news from her past — something she has never told Bobby (Patrick Duffy). It’s just another day in “Dallas” when the two-hour second season premiere airs tonight on TNT.

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Happily for fans of the updated “Dallas,” Hagman, who died from complications from leukemia last November, will appear in the first half of the season, and J.R. will be just as dastardly and scheming as ever. And, as previously announced, his death will be dealt with in a “Who Killed J.R.?” storyline.

“His spirit is going to live on,” Henderson tells XfinityTV.com in an exclusive interview. “I think he is always going to be haunting John Ross, he is always going to be haunting Sue Ellen, and he is always going to be haunting Bobby in a certain way — good or bad. I think we are going to see things stemming from J.R.’s life and what he would want for the Ewing family for years to come.”

One of the hardest hit by J.R.’s death will be Bobby, who in Season 1 was at death’s door himself with a brain aneurism. While he was in a coma, J.R. entered his hospital room and told him, “You can’t die because I don’t know who I am without you.” Now Bobby will have to face that reality.

“We are who we are as characters — Bobby and J.R. — because of our relationship with each other,” Duffy exclusively tells XfinityTV.com. “It is a yin and yang kind of thing; a good and bad. Without one, the other one is sort of flailing around, and I have a feeling that will be explored for a couple of episodes. I think [executive producer Cynthia Cidre] is going to have Bobby come to some nadir and then she is going to solve that dilemma and maintain his job. I have always said that Bobby’s job is to be the moral compass for the show and to be the wise decision maker.”

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As astute as Bobby normally is, his wife’s secret will propel him into a face-off with Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), who is a series regular in Season 2, as well as a definite evil influence. And while Duffy thinks there may be some marital discord as a result, “with Bobby being who he is, eventually — I don’t know how many episodes it will take — they resolve whatever problem that she created by not telling him.”

As for Christopher, who is also one of the White Hats, this season he dances a bit on the dark side and considers taking actions that compromise his ethics. One such deed, is recruiting spies to check up on his cousin John Ross, but mid-season Metcalfe promises Christopher ups the ante.

“It becomes a very tricky situation with the running of Ewing Energies because some other players become involved and also Sue Ellen becomes more involved with Ewing Energies,” he says. “We also end up bringing on Elena [Jordana Brewster] in a bigger capacity.”

Sadly for John Ross, he didn’t get to spend as much time worshipping at the feet of the master — J.R. — as he would have liked, and his fantasy of one day being able to one-up his father will never come to pass. That said, he very much mourns J.R.’s passing because as cockily confident as he pretends to be, he is not quite ready to take on all the schemes that will be necessary to win control of Ewing Energies on his own.

“But at the end of the day, he knows what he wants, and now, because of J.R.’s passing, that just fuels his fire that much more to carry on his father’s legacy and to be the new head of the Ewing family. He is going to stop at nothing to achieve that,” Henderson says.

Toward that goal, John Ross finds an unexpected ally in Rebecca, whose secret is revealed, blowing up the stakes in Christopher’s attempts to get an annulment. Even though John Ross knows that working with her is a huge no-no — his father would disown him if he found out that he was cavorting with Cliff’s (Ken Kercheval) daughter, he considers taking the plunge.

“He knows this is a stealthy move and a chess piece that he can have in his pocket that no one would expect, but he also is at a vulnerable place, but a place where he is all about business,” Henderson says. “Elena broke his heart. He has to stare at her and Christopher every day at the office. He is vengeful and on a mission.”

Season 2 of “Dallas” premieres Monday, January 28 at 9/8c on TNT.

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