‘Parenthood’s Monica Potter on Why She Didn’t Shave Her Head for Cancer Storyline

"Parenthood" star Monica Potter at the 39th Annual People's Choice Awards on January 9, 2013 (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Parenthood” fans went through the gamut during a particularly emotional season of the NBC family drama this year with a pile up of tears and tissues while watching Monica Potter’s character battle breast cancer.

Through Kristina Braverman’s cancer storyline, Potter explored the trials and terror that cancer patients face, from the shock and fear of a diagnosis to the battles of chemotherapy and surgery, and the emotional impact of the illness on families — and on patients’ bodies and self esteem.

When it came to Kristina’s hair loss following her chemo treatments, Potter decided against shaving her head in real life and opted for a bald cap instead.

“They asked me to but I said no,” Potter, 41, told Us Weekly at a pre-SAG Awards Party on Saturday, Jan. 26.

She gave a very real reason why she refused to do it, and it doesn’t have anything to do with vanity.

“My daughter would have been freaked out,” Potter said of her seven-year-old little girl. “I thought about it but my Molly said, ‘Mommy, don’t do that.'”

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The actress initially thought she’d go for it, but after thinking about it, Potter didn’t want the act of shaving her hair in real-life to appear as an attention-getting gimmick.

“My niece has cancer so I just thought I would do it,” Potter explained, “but it’s a weird thing for me when actresses shave their heads for roles. I feel like if I’m not going through it, it’s almost, for me, a gimmick, like, ‘Look, she is so brave she shaved her hair.’ There are women who are going through that and I just didn’t want to, you know….”

With Season 4 just wrapped — and spoiler alert — Kristina now cancer-free and continuing her recovery, where will the character go from here?

“[Kristina] is a control freak. That’s how she’s written. But there’s a side of her not many people see — which you will see after going through what she’s gone through,” Potter told xfinityTV in an interview from November. “To come out the other side, I think you’re going to find a Kristina that’s a bit more footloose and fancy free and a lot more fun. That’s the journey I’d like to take her on.”

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