‘Once Upon a Time’ Favorite Coming Back From the Dead

Jamie Dornan from 'Once Upon a Time' (Photo: ABC)

Once Upon a Time” producers are working their magic to resurrect an adored character that was killed off of the fairytale drama way too soon.

Jamie Dornan, who played hunky Sheriff Graham in Season 1, will be reprising his role later this season, says TV Guide.

The details surrounding his return are being kept secret, but since Storybrooke’s Sheriff is dead (damn you, Regina!), it’s safe to assume that it’s Dornan’s storybook alter ego “The Huntsman” who will re-appear somewhere in time.

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“Jamie Dornan is in London recovering from shoulder surgery, so I think our fans can all wish him well and nurse him back to health so he can be ready to be hungry like the wolf again,” executive producer Edward Kitsis told TV Guide.

Here’s hoping Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is as thrilled as the fans will be, because they were crushed when Dornan left the show.

“He is still alive as the Huntsman. But we miss Jamie,” Kitsis told XfinityTV’s Paulette Cohn after the fan favorite was killed off. “If no one dies, there are no stakes. So we designed it with Jamie to do the first seven episodes … we knew were going to kill him. The amount of death threats the two of us have received…”

“As far as we are concerned, Jamie is part of the DNA of this show. We love him and that character was a huge part of the foundation,” added co-executive producer Adam Horowitz. “Does that mean he can come back in some form? You never know.”

Now we know, the time has come!

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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