Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’ Gets Supernatural

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Lucy the Vampire Slayer

I am so conflicted about the Hey, Let’s Suddenly Bring All the Weird Supernatural Things that Happened on “Port Charles” Into Canon storyline on “General Hospital.”

I am a sucker (get it?) for vampire shows. I live for “The Vampire Diaries.” I even watched more episodes than I care to admit of “Forever Knight.” In fact, I found “Port Charles” far more enjoyable when it was a vampire telenovela than when it was a show ostensibly about interns at the hospital. But the abrupt genre switch towards the end of its run forever severed its ties with the Mothership because of the numerous continuity issues it created. Although I like to think that half of the town was run by the mob and the other by creatures of the night. Both teams knew not to mix. When the show ended, Kelly Monaco  joined GH as Sam and I don’t recall anyone being upset that none of the other characters confused her with Livvie. When Lucy (Lynn Herring) mistook John (Micheal Easton) for Caleb, the evil vampire that Easton played on PC, I was amused. Now her initial confusion has turned into a full fledged umbrella storyline, with Lucy attempting to stake John and winding up in a mental hospital. I was okay with that because it was a clever way to put Lucy’s one percent of ELQ in limbo, as someone who is mentally incompetent can’t make binding corporate votes. Best of all, it led to the return of Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), who we learned is now estranged from Lucy because of her delusions that vampires are out to get her. Wait a minute. Since “Port Charles” ended, Lucy founded a successful cosmetics company while so paranoid about vampires that it wrecked her marriage? Really? That doesn’t track. She seemed fine until she saw John.

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Then a character who appeared exclusively on Port Charles, Alison (Erin Hershey Presley) turned up in town, apparently having been on the run from Caleb all these years. I found myself hitting the internet in an attempt to remember her storyline. Then, at the end of her second episode, just when I was remembering how much I liked her, she was murdered with a stake, leaving behind her now teenaged son, Rafe (Jimmy Deshler). (Her character was pregnant with Caleb’s child when PC ended. Rafe should only be about 10 years old, but he has already been established as a love interest for Molly.) There are rumors that Alison and Rafe will turn out to be Quartermaines via a retconned affair between Alison’s grandmother, Amanda, and Alan, which would anchor Port Charles’s newest teen orphan to the canvas and give him a piece of ELQ. I like adding another Quartermaine to the canvas. While I wouldn’t have picked a teenager, Deshler proved himself to be a good actor in his scenes with Molly. I enjoyed their nerdy chat about” Streetcar Named Desire” because it’s so rare that teens on television are portrayed as interested in learning and reading. I suspect a lot of the show’s younger viewers will be more interested in a teen triangle than I am.

But we’re now left with a murder mystery centered around the death of a character that half the viewers of GH don’t know. Given that the show’s executive producer Frank Valentini  has stated that there will be no actual vampires on the show, I am struggling to think of an explanation that won’t involve changing the show’s genre. Either both John and Sam had dopplegangers that used to live in Port Charles but never crossed paths with anyone who currently lives in the town, or both Lucy and Alison have the same false memory. If John and Sam have a connection to Caleb and Livvie, then we’re stuck with John having some sort of connection to a vampire and Kevin not recognizing that Sam looks exactly like his daughter — or even remembering that he has a daughter. Someone wanted Alison dead.

As a genre purist, I am fine with GH having ridiculous, campy plots like Faison wearing a mask to impersonate Duke, but I hate it when shows suddenly introduce a sci-fi or supernatural element. I didn’t like when “One Life to Live” made it clear that Rex and Gigi’s time travel was not a dream, but something that actually happened. I hated it when Al took over Michael’s body. I’m sure if I had been watching GH during the Casey the Alien saga, I would have hated it, too. I hope that I am wrong and there is a great, logical explanation that fits in with the rest of the show.

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