‘Vampire Diaries’: Another Original Bites the Dust

"The Vampire Diaries": Kat Graham as Bonnie and Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol (Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW)

There’s always a twist on “The Vampire Diaries,” always an unexpected consequence. This week’s episode,”A View to a Kill,” broke with formula in that everything eventually went exactly as Elena planned.  That either means that the episode was unpredictable in its predictability or that Vampire Elena is the only character in Mystic Falls who knows how to make good plans. It should be noted that Elena got awesome while Damon was locked in a cell and Stefan was with Rebekah. Maybe Elena needs to be Team Kelly Taylor: I Choose Me.  Here are the highlights.

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Another Original Bites the Dust: Last week, Elena (Nina Dobrev) proposed that Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) kill Kol (Nathan Buzolic), thereby freeing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) from being compelled to kill Jeremy and, since killing an Original kills every vampire in that Original’s line, it would immediately give him enough kills to make the map of the location of the cure appear on his arms. Wow, that is one weird sentence out of context. This week, Elena plans the details. She will lure Kol somewhere so that Bonnie can use her dark magic to immobilize him. Then Jeremy can kill him with the White Oak stake. Elena uses Jeremy’s phone to call Kol saying she wants to call a truce and discuss Silas. Kol is instantly at the Gilbert house, which forces Jeremy to invite him inside. He leaves at Elena’s request since he can’t take down Kol without Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) help. Kol sets up the show’s reported spinoff by revealing the Originals used to live in New Orleans. She tells him she will give up looking for the cure if he leaves Jeremy alone. In the line’s most memorable episode, he asks her if she is a Mary Sue vampire who never kills. Ha! I love that Kol reads fan fiction. He pretends to leave but bursts inside after Jeremy returns without Bonnie (see below) and says he doesn’t want the truce. Jeremy and Elena have to fight Kol on their own. He stakes her in the stomach to incapacitate her. He is about to chop off Jeremy’s arms to spare himself the curse that comes from killing a hunter, when Elena attacks. Fortunately, the new mayor has put vervaine in the water supply, which is a truly  great idea.  Jeremy sprays him with water from the kitchen sink, which has a surprisingly strong effect on the Original, then, while he is writhing in pain, uses the white oak stake to kill him. Kol immolates as Klaus watches. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see hundreds of vampires all over the world suddenly dying. Klaus is furious and threatens to kill them. He claims that he only wants the cure so he can destroy it. He was just pretending to care about creating more hybrids so everyone else would work with him. I can’t tell if this is the truth, or if he was just lashing out in anger. Before Klaus can do any damage, Bonnie finally shows up and uses her magic powers to render him incapable of touching anyone else. She is getting into omnipotent territory, which seems to portend a big fall.

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Rebekah Finally Goes to a Dance: One of the show’s best running gags is Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) constant thwarted desire to attend a school dance. This week, it’s the new mayor who seemingly ruins her plans by canceling the high school’s 1980s dance. When Stefan wakes up in her bed, he tries to sneak out only to find Klaus at the door. Klaus wants Rebekah to give him her dagger so he can dagger Kol and put him out of commission. She tells him there isn’t a chance in hell. Klaus gets Stefan on board by pointing out that daggering Kol will free Damon from compulsion. Stefan phones Elena, who reveals her plan to kill Kol. She thinks Stefan should dagger Rebekah, which is rather self-serving of her. In order to distract Rebekah so that Jeremy can steal the white oak stake and dagger from her, Stefan offers to take her  to the dance anyway since the gym is set up. It’s almost sweet. There are 99 balloons on the otherwise empty floor. Stefan plays the Cure and discusses “The Princess Bride, “Say Anything,” and “The Breakfast Club” to educate her on the decade that she spent locked in a coffin. Rebekah calls it a decade of sentimental drivel. He calls it a decade of love. It’s a more authentic portrait of the 1980s than “The Carrie Diaries.” He reminisces about compelling Bon Jovi  to drink tequila shots with Lexie. We need to see a flashback of this! He tries to trick  her into taking the dagger  out of her boot. She calls him out and gives it him, telling him to let Klaus dagger Kol so they can find the cure and she can become human again. She is devastated when she finds out Kol is dead, and he was in on the plan. He tells her he won’t let the people he cares about get hurt. He opts not to dagger her, saying he wants her to help find the cure with him. In classic 1980s fashion, the two are falling for each other despite themselves.

Bonnie Breaks Bad: Bonnie’s dad takes her phone and her car keys away so they can have a family meeting. Jeremy comes over to reveal Kol is in his house. She attempts to use magic to get her way out of being grounded, but her mother Abby (Persia White), AKA the vampire witch, arrives. Jeremy has to leave because he has the hunter’s urge to kill her.  Abby is upset that Bonnie is using dark magic. Bonnie insists she needs to use Expression so she can find the cure and save Abby from vampirism. Abby says Bonnie needs to be saved and knocks her out. Bonnie wakes up and uses magic to incapacitate Abby then heads for the Gilberts. Bonnie’s arc is starting to remind me of the Dark Willow season of “Buffy,” but I trust it will not end with bad special effects and Bonnie uttering the phrase, “Axe, not gonna cut it.”

Lock Up: Mystic Falls: Stefan puts Klaus in charge of babysitting Damon, which does not seem wise. Klaus reveals that Stefan hooked up with Rebekah. “Well, well it looks like my brother ripped a page out of my revenge sex handbook,” is Damon’s astute comment. Klaus reminds him that Stefan fought being compelled to feed on Elena, unlike Damon, who was unable to battle his urge to kill Damon. He thinks that the moment Elena is cured she will go back to Stefan.

The Aftermath: With Kol dead, Damon is now free and makes a beeline for Elena. Elena is not thrilled the Stefan opted not to dagger Rebekah, because even though she dumped Stefan, she doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Damon makes sure Elena knows that Stefan had sex with Rebekah. Stefan accuses Damon of using the sire bond to his advantage and the brothers have their upteenth fight. Jeremy hilariously hulks out and tears his shirt off in pain as the map to the cure appears on his chest. Wouldn’t it be funny if the cure really does raise all the dead in the history of the earth, resulting in mass starvation, the return of the dinosaurs, and the destruction of humanity?

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