Whoops! Lisa Rinna Curses on Anderson Live

Lisa Rinna on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Anderson Cooper has been known for getting people to talk on camera, but his talents may have gone to far when his co-host for the day Lisa Rinna opened up a little too much on “Anderson Live.”

Rinna was discussing her relationship with Gary Busey, who once again stars with her in the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice.” However, her emotions got the best of her and she cursed live on the air, not once, but twice!

“Are you feuding with somebody?” Cooper asked Rinna. “You had the thing with Gary Busey, don’t you?”

“Yes I do,” Rinna responded.

“He seems… I don’t know what the right word is,” Cooper began, before Rinna answered with “Bats–t crazy?”

Realizing that producers don’t enjoy being fined by the FCC for foul language, Rinna tried to backtrack before Cooper asked her what she said.

“I said ‘Bats–t crazy,'” Rinna answered, then realized that she uttered the word again.

Once things had calmed down, Rinna explained why she returned to the NBC show after a bad experience the first time around.

“I would never go back to something that I had such a horrible experience doing, but my 11-year old… said to me, ‘I think you should to it because you need to go back and fix that for yourself,'” she explained.

Here’s the clip…

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/C6s5ZifIn1c 580 476]

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