Deen Aide Tweets His Disdain For Paula’s Cruise Mates

TV food personality Paula Deen (Photo: Getty Images)

An employee of TV food personality Paula Deen may be in hot water following a series of Tweets the man issued in which he complained about the advanced age of passengers aboard a Deen cruise last week.

We don’t know yet if the man — identified as Brandon Branch — will be disciplined or dismissed by Deen, but his Tweets from aboard the Royal Caribbean ship Mariner of the Seas are making headlines that are almost certainly unwanted by Deen.

“Paula’s ship an awful trip,” read one headline on a New York Post story — here — about the gripes this guy aired on Twitter about the oldsters who paid to ride along with Deen on a cruise that set sail from Galveston, Texas, on the way to stops in Belize, Honduras and Mexico.

Not surprisingly, some — or maybe most — of the cruise participants were seniors looking forward to a fun week on a luxury liner with one of the nation’s top celebrities in the world of TV food.

But Branch, identified as an assistant to Deen who also has the title of creative director, didn’t seem enthusiastic about sharing in the fun. In a series of Tweets (that have since been deleted), Branch reportedly wrote: “My room is also the size of my powder room at home. And no liquor in minibar! I am in a dark place!!!!” In a subsequent Tweet — apparently directed at a friend, but since it’s on Twitter, was available to anyone — he complained about the age of his cruise mates: “Everyone is 80 and up!”

He then Tweeted: “The Senior Singers are all on board wearing matching red shirts! If they start singing I will jump overboard!” And finally, he wrote this: “Over this cruise! Trapped! Crazied! Help!!!!” — after which, the negative Tweets abruptly stopped.

Some time later, his Tweets resumed, but they were all positive, reports this story from Yahoo TV. “Cruise is over,” he Tweeted early Sunday (Feb. 3) when the ship returned to Galveston. “Had an amazing time. Made some great new friends. See y’all next cruise. Super Bowl party tonight.”

Speaking of the Super Bowl, click on the pic for Paula’s recipe for Buffalo chicken wings:

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