Russell Brand Makes Katharine McPhee Sit on His Lap, Exits ‘Late Night’ Upon Discovering She’s Married

Russell Brand and Katharine McPhee on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (NBC)

Russell Brand must have a thing for brunette pop singers named Kat.

On Monday’s episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Brand made a grab for fellow guest Katharine McPhee, playfully forcing her to sit on his lap before taking her rightful seat next to Jimmy Fallon.

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“You’re beautiful, by the way,” Brand said, swooning over the “Smash” star as he sat beside her. “I’ll just be here with my sexual charisma.”

Brushing off Brand’s come-on, McPhee, a diehard San Francisco 49ers fan, went on to tell a story about being invited by the New York Jets to a game versus the 49ers. During the game, she sneaked off to see the 49ers players and was pleasantly surprised to discover that coach Jim Harbaugh’s kids were big fans of “Smash.”  “So we wound up exchanging phone numbers,” McPhee began to say as she was interrupted by Fallon. “Russell, are you thinking about something?” Fallon quizzed.

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“Yes, as a matter of fact I am thinking of something,” Brand said. “I’ve already announced that I find Katharine very attractive, and when she was talking about exchanging numbers, I thought of things I’d like to exchange with her,” he joked. “Numbers…and genes. Genetic info!”

“What is happening right now?” an amused McPhee asked. “This is awesome.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Fallon replied, trying to tame Brand’s advances.

Attempting to recover her earlier story, McPhee explained how her connection to Harbaugh’s kids resulted in an invite to Sunday’s Super Bowl. “So, we managed to get tickets for the Super Bowl. And when I say we, I mean my husband,” McPhee clarified, looking at Brand.

“Yeah, but look at the way you dropped the Jets. You could drop that guy any day!” Brand cracked.

“Russell no!” yelled Fallon. “Russell no!”

“I’m only joking,” Brand responded. “You must never destroy a marriage unless you’re really bored,” he quipped to roars from the audience.

“Really, I didn’t know you’re married,” he continued, protesting his innocence. “I’m gonna f–k off now,” he added, abruptly getting up and walking off the set. “I’ve got to get a plane. I didn’t know. Be clear!”

“That was pretty impressive,” McPhee exclaimed after the commercial break. “Whoa.” Later in the evening, McPhee tweeted about the wild run-in with Brand, writing, “That was soooo much fun @LateNightJimmy! And a little crazy too. Thank you for having me! Xxx.”

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