Al Roker, Willie Geist Smooch on ‘Today’

by | February 7, 2013 at 3:05 PM | Black Entertainment, The Today Show

Al Roker and Willie Geist on "Today" (NBC)

Not to be outdone by Jay Leno and the GoDaddy geek, on Thursday’s episode of “Today,” Al Roker and Willie Geist locked lips during a segment about Valentine’s Day gifts.

Roker was apparently intrigued by a special his and hers peaches and cream flavored lip balm set, and he wanted to test it out with Geist.

“Jay Leno has nothing on you guys,” Natalie Morales joked as Roker went in for the smooch (he choose peaches while Geist took cream).

“Well I know what I’m doing next Thursday,” Roker quipped afterward. Look out, Willie. Roker gets what Roker wants!