‘Downton Sixbey’s Fourth Episode Reveals a Startling Truth

by | February 7, 2013 at 1:14 PM | Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

The fourth installment of Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Abbey,” parody, “Downton Sixbey,”  brought forth a startling admission from dear old Higgins. After being plagued by rumors that he’d killed his wife and been mauled by Daschunds, Higgins was forced to come clean with the horrid reality of his past. The truth? He “pulled a Roker” on stage during a poetry reading and rather than face the ridicule of the townspeople, he fled, getting his foot caught in a rabbit trap and eventually biting it off.  “I’m just an old virgin who s–t his pants at a poetry reading,” he solemly declared after rattling off a slew of outrageously hilarious scatological references. In secondary news, Lady Hedith said yes to Questlove’s proposal, cementing the family’s finances after the Earl’s bogus investments had left them in the red.

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