Watch: Now It’s Leno’s Turn to Kiss the GoDaddy Nerd

Bar Refaeli with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday (Photo: NBC)

Supermodel Bar Refaeli and Jay Leno now have something in common: They’ve both made out with Jesse Heiman, Refaeli’s nerdy co-star from the now-infamous GoDaddy commercial seen during the Super Bowl.

The Israeli-born beauty flew all the way from Tel Aviv to appear on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Wednesday night for her first American talk show appearance since the spot aired Sunday during the big game.

With Refaeli scheduled to appear later in the show, Leno’s producers set up a comedy bit to open the show before Leno’s monologue that had Leno getting up close and personal with Heiman.

Heiman, 34 (yes, he looks a lot younger than his real age), is the chubby-cheeked actor in the GoDaddy Super Bowl spot whose noisy, slurpy liplock with Refaeli — seen in extreme closeup — became the most talked-about of all the commercials that aired during the game. And the majority of the talk was not positive either, with many critics and Super Bowl viewers saying they recoiled at the sight and (especially) the sound of this extended public display of affection.

Leno asked Refaeli about the spot — including what happened on the set on the day it was filmed — but he politely steered clear of the avalanche of criticism the spot received.

Watch what happened when Jay Leno got kissed by GoDaddy nerd Jesse Heiman:
[iframe 580 476]

Much of the criticism — and the recoiling — had to do with the slurpy soundtrack that accompanied this commercial’s closeup imagery. In her interview with Leno, Refaeli, 27, said the sounds may have been enhanced in post-production, but for the most part they were real. They were so real, Refaeli said, that the other co-star in the spot — racer Danica Patrick — commented on the slurpy symphony during the shoot.

All told, the filming took about 12 hours, including 60 takes to get the kiss sequence just right, Refaeli revealed.

Watch Leno interviewing Refaeli about how the commercial was filmed:
[iframe 580 476]
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