‘Bones’ Star Emily Deschanel: Brennan’s Near-Death Experience Changes Her Perspective on Parenting

"Bones": While hospitalized after being shot, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) struggles with visions of her mother (guest star Brooke Langton). (Cr: Jordin Althaus/FOX)

When it comes to work, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is still the same cool, scientific-minded woman she has always been on “Bones.” But when it comes to her daughter Christine, Brennan has lost some of her famous rationality and actually deals from emotion.

So when Booth (David Boreanaz) questions her inability to make a decision about Christine without consulting other scientific minds, she storms out of the house and heads back to work at the Jeffersonian lab, fearing he is questioning her mothering skills.

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“Basically, I think it is quite fitting that Brennan is dealing with her own issues of being a mother and at the core of that is missing her own mother,” Deschanel tells XfinityTV.com. “I think when you have lost a parent, you want to be able to call them up on the phone and say, ‘How do I cook that thing you used to make for me? How am I supposed to do this? What did you do with me when I was a child?’ Especially when you have a child yourself, you go back and think about how you were parented. You just want to be able to call them and ask them.”

So when Brennan is shot in her lab at the Jeffersonian, it is quite fitting that this issue that she is dealing with in a way causes her to see her mother (played by guest star Brooke Langton) again. Of course, once awake, Brennan struggles with the idea that the visions of her having a conversation with her dead mother in her old childhood home could be real — and she resists the idea that they are heaven sent.

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“Of course, she believes it is a hallucination,” Deschanel says. “She has flatlined. Many people will interpret it to believe she has gone to heaven. Her interactions with her mother reveal things from her past and also it affects Brennan now. It encourages her to have a different perspective on her behavior and possibly encourage her to change it.”

From the conversations that Brennan has with her mother, viewers will get a better idea of why she behaves the way she does — why she is hyper-rational and has cut off her emotions. But as the season progresses, there will be a subtle shift in her thinking as she processes what her mother said to her.

“The Shot in the Dark” an emotional episode, not just for Brennan, but also for her father Max (Ryan O’Neal), who gets a communication from his late wife through his daughter. And the message he receives causes a breakthrough for him, as well.

The question remains, though, just how much her out-of-body experience will modify Brennan’s thoughts. And could it be enough to get her to change her mind and make an honest man out of Booth? According to Deschanel, that remains to be seen, but the subject does come up again in a “Bones” episode a couple of weeks down the line.

For a wedding to take place, of course, Brennan would have to do the asking, because as viewers will recall, Booth told her that he would not propose to her again, she would have to ask him.

“Something like this makes you look at every situation in your life and think, ‘Is this how I want it to be?,” Deschanel tells XfinityTV.com. “I think we are moving toward some kind of answers on that…There is not necessarily a resolution, but it is discussed again… So far having a child hasn’t changed that or at least changed her stubbornness about asking him. We’ll see. I love that and I look forward to if this happens, and I imagine at some point it will, I look forward to seeing what Brennan’s proposal to Booth is like.”

“Bones” airs Monday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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