‘Hoarders’ in Danger of Cancellation?

Could A&E be thinking about throwing “Hoarders” into the junk pile?

Worried cast members seem to think so and have made online pleas to save the show, according to Realityblurred, who says the future of “Hoarders” is uncertain.

Having just wrapped up its sixth season Monday night, “Hoarders” has not been renewed for a seventh season and remains in limbo “on the bubble.”

The show’s team of therapists, organizers and de-cluttering experts urged fans earlier this week to watch the season finale and expressed their fears that the show may be over.

As Realityblurred noted, Dr. Robin Zasio asked viewers to tune-in with this message posted on Facebook: “It makes a big difference in the ratings, that is, if you want another season….” she wrote.

“Let’s just hope for another season! Huge ratings always helps, so be sure to watch,” said Cory Chalmers.

The always-direct Matt Paxton didn’t beat around the bush: “We have not been picked up for a 7th season, so this could very well be the LAST episode of HOARDERS – EVER!”

Paxton later clarified in the comments section that the show has not been canceled, it just hasn’t been renewed, but he still encouraged fans to let the network “know that you want another season of the show.”

Once a huge hit that averaged more than two million viewers, “Hoarders” has dipped in the ratings and is getting buried by some of A&E’s newer hits, like “Duck Dynasty.”

“No decision on a new season has been made yet,” an A&E spokesperson tells The New York Post.

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