Josh Dallas Previews Charming’s Giant Problem on ‘Once Upon a Time’

Josh Dallas in the "Tiny" episode of "Once Upon a Time" (Jack Rowand/ABC)

It’s not easy being “Once Upon a Time’s” Prince Charming. He has to navigate multiple timelines, make up for lost time with his true love who keeps being ripped away from him, and bond with a long lost daughter who is the same age that he is.  According to his portrayor, Josh Dallas, there is even more strife headed his way. In an exclusive interview with, Dallas previewed Charming’s close encounter with the Giant, how the mysterious stranger will impact Storybrooke and how Charming’s quest to return to fairyland will impact his relationship with Snow.

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It’s been a long two weeks without the show. I trust that this week’s episode was worth the wait?
In this Sunday’s episode, “Tiny” which I keep saying is by no means small, we’ve got some big characters that come into play. Cora being Cora has figured out a way to transport a giant onto that ship. David comes across this giant played by Jorge Garcia and he immediately mistakes David for someone else and begins to unleash his vengeance and wreak havoc on the town of Storybrooke. So it is now David’s job to figure out first of all why he’s so upset with David, who he thinks David is, and also to convince him that Storybrooke and the people of Storybrooke aren’t a place that is going to harm him. And we’ll go back into fairyland past in this Sunday’s episode where we see Anton in Giant Land with his brothers feeling like a fish out of water, feeling like he doesn’t quite belong in that world and against his brother’s wishes he kind of climbs down that beanstalk and goes into the world of fairytale land to see if this is a place where he can belong. He comes across some humans whose intentions aren’t wholly noble and try to trick him in a way which could be the source of his vengeance in Storybrooke.

Preview the Return of the Giant on Sunday’s Episode of “Once Upon a Time”:

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Now that Charming and Snow are finally back in the same dimension, are there more hurdles for them to overcome this season?
I think there are always going to be hurdles. I think they will have moments where they can breathe and moments of stillness and moments where they can be that twosome, but they are heroes and they are leaders and that is in a way their curse. They are always pushing their ultimate goal and things aside so they can help and lead other people. So I think throughout the season there’s going to be so many twists and turns and things while they try to figure out what their relationship is now and how that works because he wants to go back to fairytale land. He wants his family. He wants his life again. He wants the kingdom. He wants that world and, as we know, fairytale land present is not a place like it was. It’s certainly not fairytale land of the past. It is a desolate kind of place, but Charming David James, being the optimist that he is, he feels that he can rebuild it and rebuild his life, so who knows? I think that’s an interesting question because at the end of the episode this Sunday, there’s a moment that offers a little bit of hope.

At the end of the last episode, we saw that Ethan Embry’s character was only pretending not to remember all of the strang things that he witnessed in Storybrooke. Who is this guy and what sort of threat does he pose?
That’s a good question that we’re all asking. Who is this guy, and what is he doing in Storybrooke? How did he get in and who is he? Or course in this episode, we’re going to see him grilling Belle (Emilie De Ravin) about what she saw that night of the accident. We’re not for sure what he is or what his intentions are. But he is certainly someone that Charming is going to keep an eye on. That character will slowly get revealed to us throughout the rest of the season.

Is there any truth to the rumor that this season a major character will die?
Oh my God. I hope it’s not me. I haven’t heard those rumors. I suppose they could very well be true, but I have no information about that at all. And now I feel very worried about my own job.

There are confirmed spoilers that Jeremy Dornan AKA the Sheriff will be returning. Will he be seen in flashbacks, or will he return from the dead?
That you will have to tune in for, I’m afraid. That’s many episodes away.

What are the challenges of parenting a child you never saw grow up who is now the same age as you, which has been Charming’s unique experience with Emma?
The challenges are huge and I think the thing for particularly David is that in his mind he can’t act like her parent. It won’t work that way. They first knew each other as people, as friends.  As far as Charming’s concerned, he wants to get to know her more as the woman that she is and respect her for that as opposed to trying to father her in any kind of way. And of course he has those fatherly kind of feelings towards her but I think he’s careful not to push those.

The show has made it clear that any fictional character in any universe is fair game. Fans have joked about Darth Vader turning up in Storybrooke. What characters will we be seeing this season?
I can say that Rena Sofer’s going to be coming in as Queen Eva, Snow’s mother in upcoming episodes. Lesley Nicol from a great show “Downton Abbey” which I am obsessed with is coming in to guest star as Queen Eva’s servant in some future episodes. We’ve got a lot more coming on and there’s just so much out there. We’re on episode 17 right now. We’re almost finished with that and starting with 18. The things that are going down you will not believe.

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