Top Five: Super Bowl Creates TV Highlights All Week Long

When a telecast draws upwards of 108 million people, it’s bound to create ripple effects for days afterward.

Such was the case for last Sunday’s Super Bowl, which resulted in a multitude of monologue jokes and Super Bowl-related guest appearances on talk shows all week long.

On the late-night shows, the big game supplied the late-night hosts with a plethora of material, much of it focused on the game’s most dramatic moment, the power outage that halted the game for 34 minutes. And the commercials seen during the game were also a source of joke fodder, especially the GoDaddy commercial in which model Bar Refaeli conducted a slurpy make-out session with a chubby geek (actor Jesse Heiman) in extreme closeup.

1) Anything for comedy: As if the GoDaddy commercial wasn’t yucky enough, Jay Leno took the concept even farther on “The Tonight Show” when he hooked up with the very same chubby-cheeked nerd who starred with Bar Refaeli in the infamous ad. The kiss that resulted was proof that some comedians will do anything for a laugh. Message to NBC: Leno ought to get a little something extra in this week’s paycheck for this one!

Watch what happened when Leno locked lips with the GoDaddy nerd:
[iframe 580 476]

2) Letterman grabs winning QB: In the competition to book members of this year’s Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens, David Letterman came out on top with Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The QB and Super Bowl MVP turned up in New York on Monday in time for the “Letterman” taping after already making the requisite visit to Walt Disney World in Florida earlier in the day. On Letterman’s “Late Show,” the winning QB talked about the power outage and the 49ers’ comeback in the second half.

Watch Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on “Late Show with David Letterman”:
[iframe—Super-Bowl-MVP-Joe-Flacco/embed 580 476]

3) And Kimmel got the other Super Bowl standout: In yet another interesting twist in the ongoing late-night wars at 11:35 p.m., Jimmy Kimmel bagged the other star of last Sunday’s game — Jacoby Jones. Jones scored two touchdowns, including the longest kick return in Super Bowl history — 108 yards — an electrifying performance that almost made him the game’s MVP. It’s just interesting to us that the “Leno” show didn’t get Jones because that’s the way these post-Super Bowl appearances usually go — with Leno and Letterman dividing the “spoils,” depending on the West Coast or East Coast location of the guests they are after. Not only did the “Leno” show have no Super Bowl stars all week long, but in this case, one of the game’s top stars chose the younger-skewing “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” It was the kind of booking that ABC is depending on Kimmel to deliver in his earlier time slot — and a sign the show intends on undercutting the “Leno” show whenever possible.

Watch Ravens’ Super Bowl star Jacoby Jones on “Kimmel”:
[iframe 580 476]
And here’s Part Two:
[iframe 580 476]

4) Then Dave booked the game’s winning coach: With his Jacoby Jones booking on Thursday night, Kimmel also dueled with his idol, David Letterman, for post-Super Bowl viewers. That same night, the Ravens’ head coach, John Harbaugh, turned up in New York for an appearance on “Letterman.” It was an interview we had looked forward to because we’re fascinated with the story of how the two Harbaugh brothers arrived at this moment in which each them coached opposing teams in the Super Bowl. To his credit, Letterman did a very nice interview with John — about the Super Bowl victory, certainly, but also about Harbaugh family dynamics.

Watch what Coach Harbaugh said about his brother on “Letterman”:
[iframe—Baltimore-Ravens-Coach%2C-John-Harbaugh/embed 580 476]

5) Monday night quarterbacking: Craig Ferguson didn’t lure any Super Bowl superstars to his “Late Late Show” on CBS, but Craig was in New Orleans for the game (which was aired on his network, of course) and he delivered a monologue Monday night that was all about the big game.

Watch Craig Ferguson’s post-Super Bowl monologue:
[iframe—Craig-s-Monologue-2-4-2013/embed 580 476]
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