Bill Maher’s Response to Trump’s Lawsuit: He’s a ‘Rich Idiot’

Bill Maher (right) made some pointed comments about Donald Trump on HBO's "Real Time" Friday night (Photos: Getty Images)

Firebrand comic Bill Maher called Donald Trump an “idiot” whose “family reunions are held at the zoo” as Maher clobbered The Donald over a lawsuit Trump filed against the HBO star last week.

At issue: Comments Maher made last month on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in which Maher likened Trump’s rust-colored hair to the orange-hued fur of an orangutan — a comment aided and abetted by “Tonight Show” producers who showed side-by-side photos of Trump and one of the great primates.

Last week, Trump filed a lawsuit stemming from that comment and others Maher made that night as he critiqued some Tweets Trump has issued about him.

In the lawsuit, Trump reportedly demands that Maher make good on a challenge he issued that evening on “The Tonight Show” that Trump produce his birth certificate. If Trump did that — disproving that Trump is the off-spring of an orangutan — Maher said he would contribute $5 million to a charity of Trump’s choice.

The “Tonight Show” challenge was a parody of the challenge Trump once made to President Obama to produce his own birth certificate proving that the president is a natural-born American citizen.

So, on this past Friday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher let fly. Displaying a letter from Trump’s lawyer, Maher said of Trump: “He says he has proved he’s not the love child of an orangutan!”


Then, Maher said of Trump’s reaction to the “Tonight Show” comments: “This upset The Donald so much they could barely stop him from flinging his feces!” Adding to the primate comparisons, Maher showed a photo of a chimpanzee and said it was Trump’s lawyer.

In his “Real Time” diatribe about the lawsuit, Maher noted that it’s not a libel case that would call into question Maher’s comments about Trump’s ancestry. Instead, as Maher pointed out, the suit seems aimed at trying to make binding the comedian’s comments about contributing $5 million to a Trump “charity” — which Maher identified on “The Tonight Show” as the Hair Club for Men (which, of course, is not a charity at all).

“Don’t forget this is not a libel case,” Maher said on “Real Time.” “No, no. They seem to be trying to set a bold new precedent that jokes on late-night talk shows are now legally binding agreements between the comedian and the person they’re making fun of.”

Then Maher turned somewhat serious when he said, “The legal system in this country is not a joke, [it] is not a toy for rich idiots to play with.”

On “The Tonight Show” last month, Maher called Trump a “liar,” a “racist” and a “douche bag.”

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