‘Revenge’: One Wedding and a Murder

Margarita Levieva, Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann of "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

Finally, an action-packed episode of “Revenge.” A significant character died. A couple got married. Plus, there were actual acts of revenge. The only thing missing was the Red Sharpie of Vengeance. Here are the highlights of “Union,” a tribute to the labor movement. Or marriage.

Victoria Is a Pistol-Packing Mama

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) proves herself to be a loving mother, in her own uniquely Grayson way. Helen asks Daniel (Josh Bowman) to pull Grayson’s money from Europe and invest in emerging Middle East governments, something that anyone who has paid any attention to recent history would realize is a bad idea. But this is Daniel, the drunk poet CEO, so he is willing to do her bidding. Victoria flashes back to David telling her he was forced to move money. She asks Conrad for documents that will convince Daniel to stay away from Helen. Then she does something crazy by Grayson standards: She tells Daniel the truth. She shows him the files, explaining what the Initiative made them do, and warning he is putting everyone, including Emanda (Emily VanCamp), in danger. Helen watches their conversation via surveillance cameras. Between Emanda and the Initiative, is there any place in the Hamptons that isn’t bugged? Daniel, in a rare chivalrous act, phones Emanda to break up with her, believing he is keeping her safe. Helen shows up in Victoria’s room and tells her to hand over the evidence or else she will kill Daniel. Victoria takes her to the poolhouse and gives her the combination to the safe. It’s empty. When Helen turns around, Victoria is pointing a gun at her. Helen scoffs that Victoria is all talk but doesn’t really have it in her to kill anyone. Wrong. Victoria plugs her in the chest. Helen is dead! When she finds out, Emanda can cross one more person off her hit list. When mama Grayson summons Daniel to the poolhouse, he is more shocked to see Helen’s body than he ought to be, given everything else that has happened in his family. Conrad (Henry Czerny), who knows the Initiative will retaliate, is freaked when he finds his wife and his son standing next to Helen’s corpse.

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Jack and Amily’s Sparsely Attended Wedding

Now that he is about to marry Amily (Margarita Levieva), Emanda finally remembers that Jack (Nick Wechsler) is the love of her life. She even flashes back to having a pretend wedding on the beach with him when they were children. It’s cute, although I’m not sure many boys would agree to put on a bow tie and play dress up. Emanda tells Nolan that she only cares about Jack’s happiness. He knows better. When she learns that Conrad bought half of the Stowaway, she gives Amily money to buy it back from him. Meanwhile, Conrad and the younger, sleazier Ryan brother plot to turn Montauk into the next gambling mecca. If someone actually attempted this, I think all of the real-life millionaires would do everything they could to fight the additional crowds. Rich people generally don’t want to live in a tourist trap.

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Jack shaves! He will not be a scruffy townie at his wedding. He plans a honeymoon to Nantucket with Amily. She is thrilled that they will be visiting a town that is the subject of many a nasty limerick. She gives him Emanda’s money so they can buy back the Stowaway, convincing him to swallow his pride for the greater good. Conrad refuses to accept it, showing him plans for the new waterfront. Jack warns he won’t sell his stake. Conrad explains the bank is reassessing Jack’s mortgage worthiness, which will allow Conrad to take over the bar. Jack warns that if Conrad doesn’t accept his money, he will wage a blue collar war against him. Conrad is like, “Whatever, Townie. I got bank.” I don’t know why Jack thinks the working stiffs would stand a chance against the millionaires. Jack tells Declan he isn’t going to let Amily find out until after the wedding, not realizing she is eavesdropping, as everyone always is on this show. Amily gets the box from Emanda’s hiding place and hacks into a computer to get video footage of Conrad and Victoria talking about David and the conspiracy. Then she blackmails him with it. He thinks she is the one who has been messing with him all along. So Conrad signs the bar back over to Jack. The Ryan bro is not pleased and decides to remove the Porters’ leverage.

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Nolan officiates at Jack and Amily’s very small wedding on the beach, while Emanda again flashes back to her faux childhood wedding to Jack. It would be awesome if she proclaimed her love. But she takes the noble route. Emanda slipped in the pipecleaner ring from the childhood wedding into the ringbox. Jack is touched that “she” saved it. It’s actually pretty poignant. Also, it’s cheap. They kiss and are officially married. The whole thing takes about two minutes. Jack and Amily sail away on the Amanda, unaware that the Ryan bro is cutting the boat’s communication wires.

Aiden and Emanda Press the Rest Button

With Nolan’s help, Aiden does some sleuthing and learns that footage of the Initiative killing his sister was filmed years ago, meaning Emanda was not responsible for her death. That’s convenient. He also finds proof that she really is dead, which should wrap up that boring storyline. After a lot of brooding, he decides that he still wants to be with Emanda.

Nolan and Padma Try This New Fangled Honesty Thing

Nolan confronts Padma about her spying on him. She claims that the Initiative has kidnapped her father and she only did it to save him. Nolan isn’t sure whether or not he can believe her, but he sure seems willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Best Quotes

“Who knew efficient was French for wedding bitch” — Nolan, on being Jack’s unofficial wedding planner.

“Careful who you’re calling black, little kettle.” — Nolan to Padma, after she accuses him of spying on her.

Watch Sunday Night’s Full Episode of “Revenge” Below:

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