‘Castle’: Beckett and Castle’s First Valentine’s Day is a Love Letter to Reality TV

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in "Castle" (ABC)

Castle” gave fans of both Castle and Beckett’s relationship and reality docudramas a valentine with this wee’s episode, “Reality Star Struck.” It was a lighthearted blend of parody and romance. Here are the highlights.

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Castle Accidentally Gives Captain Gates a Valentine: Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) spend much of the episode teasing each other about the Valentine’s day gifts they have bought. Castle shows Martha and Alexis the beautiful earring that he purchased for her. They seem a little unoriginal for Castle. Alexis (Molly Quinn)  and Martha (Susan Sullivan)  suggest he slip them into her blazer pocket as a surprise. Unfortunately, Beckett and Gates(Penny Johnson Jerrald) accidentally grab each other’s nearly identical blazers. In real life they would have noticed after a few minutes, but they remain blissfully unaware. Castle keeps trying to sneak the earrings  out of Gates’ pocket while she is wearing it, but can’t get close enough to Beckett while she is staying it. He finally tells Beckett what happened. She realizes that Gates could find out that they are dating from the romantic note, which will be end of their working together. Instead, because Castle didn’t put Beckett’s name on the note, Gates thinks Castle got her the earrings, and professed his love, as an attempt to garner favor with her. She takes the earrings and goes home to her husband.Feel free to speculate about what her husband is like.

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But Beckett’s Gift to Castle is Truly Romantic: Beckett brings Castle back to her apartment and shows him an empty drawer. At first he thinks it’s a trick and searches it for a hidden gift. She explains to him that the drawer is the present, It’s his drawer. What a sweet gift from the closed off, privacy loving Beckett.

Who is  Esposito’s Valentine’s Day Date?: Esposito (Jon Huertas) is cagey about his Valentine’s Day plans. It turns out that he and Lainie (Tamala Jones)  have started seeing each other again. She wears a skin tight red dress that even makes Castle’s eyes bug out. Maybe the two of them will make it work this time.

Castle Becomes a Reality TV Addict: The case of the week involves the death of a cast member of the reality show “Wives of Wall $treet.” Someone on the writing staff has spent a lot of time watching the “real housewives” franchise, because it’s a pitch perfect parody. There’s a producer who talks about how the show is “heightened reality” and “reality-ish.” The on-screen rival of the victim, Hannah, is a woman named Penelope who turns over a table a la Theresa from “Real Housewives of New Jersey” when she finds out that Hannah is having an affair with her husband. However, it turns out that Penelope paid Hannah to pretend to sleep with her husband to get herself more air time. It’s a showmance!

Captain Gates turns out to be a huge fan of the show. Her knowledge helps them uncover leads. She even assigns Castle and Beckett to watch it. Castle, being a writer, turns up his nose at reality television. However, once he sits down to watch it, he is completely sucked in by the drama. Alexis finds him glued to the couch in the middle of the night, unaware of how much time passed while he was binge watching. He tells her, “I can’t feel my butt.”

Castle’s fandom actually brings him closer to Gates as the two of them have a lengthy conversation about which characters they like. Beckett could only get through one episode. She admits she is also capable of eating just one potato chip. Damn, Beckett. There is such a thing as too much self control.

It turns out Hannah was having a secret romance with another cast member whose engagement was a major storyline, and potential Kardashian family style spin-off. When his fiancee found out about them, she killed Hannah with an expensive knife that was one of her wedding gifts.

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