‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Who’s Quitting Seattle Grace?

Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

There’s more grief in store for the “Grey’s Anatomy” gang. Last week’s startling announcement that Seattle Grace Hospital was up for sale and in for some harsh changes as a result, leads the docs to make a dangerous move in this week’s episode.

In protest, the plane crash survivors drop a bombshell of their own…well, five, by announcing a battery of surprise resignations. So who’s quitting? Nearly everyone it seems!

“I’d like to tender my resignation, effective immediately,” Derek informs Pegasus, the prospective buyers.

“Me too. I quit,” says Meredith. Callie and Arizona immediately follow suit in solidarity.

The news stuns Owen, especially when Cristina also reluctantly falls in line: “I quit too.”

Watch the Dramatic Scene Below.

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The fallout from the plane crash, and the survivors’ $15 million dollar settlements that burned the hospital’s financial security, continues to rock Seattle Grace. The crisis brought on the arrival of Dr. Alana Cahill (Constance Zimmer), the hospital bureaucrat who’s simultaneously shaking up the hospital while trying to save it, and isn’t winning many friends after implementing new policies and procedures that are seriously pissing off the docs.

“She’s trying to keep everybody employed and trying to keep a place open where sick people can go and get better. If there’s some people who can’t handle it, then those people should go to a smaller practice,” Zimmer told xfinityTV in a recent interview. “It’s a very thankless job because people only see the bad things in it and they don’t see that she’s trying to keep everybody figuratively alive.”

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Viewers may lighten up on Alana when they learn why she gave up being a surgeon herself and discover more about her past with Weber.

“We do dive into the background of why she did give up being a surgeon in the upcoming episodes so I think that maybe when you learn more about her through that, you understand why the tension between her and Dr. Weber is what it is, because it reminds her of a time that wasn’t such a good time in her life,” Zimmer added.

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Watch the Valentine’s Day Massacre Episode from Season 6 Below:

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