‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Sometimes Quitters Win

Patrick Dempsey in "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

The plane crash survivors’ bid to buy the hospital takes shape in one of the season’s strongest episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy.” It has a film noir feel, as everyone keeps meeting in secret while the rain pours down on them. If it works, it will give a whole new dynamic to the show. Here are the highlights.

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The Pros and Cons of Hospital Ownership: We pick up where the previous episode ended. Callie (Sara Ramirez) attempts to persuade everyone else to buy the hospital. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) hates the ides. She thinks the lawsuit money will secure their daughter’s future. No kidding. With both her and Mark’s money, that kid could become a socialite. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) says he hated administrative stuff when he was Chief of Surgery. He made a deal with Pegasus and thinks he can work to further their interests from the inside. He points out it will cost more than the $60 million they got from the plane crash. That brings up a couple interesting questions: How much is the hospital worth and what entity owns it now? I always assumed it was a public or university affiliated hospital. Callie points out there is Mark and Lexie’s share. Callie thinks Derek feels guilty because he got his hand back and feels bad about pushing everyone else to sue. Everything he has done to make things better has actually made it worse. The next day, she apologizes.

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Cristina is caught in the Middle: The only plane crash survivor who is not at the roof top meeting is Cristina (Sandra Oh), who is busy having sex with Owen (Kevin McKidd). He tells her they have two days to close the sale and the buyers are getting skittish. If it doesn’t happen, the hospital will close. The nurses are threatening to walk out. When Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) tells Christina about buying the hospital, she laughs at how stupid it is. She points out they know nothing about running a hospital. She thinks Meredith should have Owen’s back. She changes her mind when the interns tell her they are thinking of transferring to other programs because they don’t like the changes Pegasus is implementing. Everyone meets with Derek’s financial adviser. He says federal law prohibits them from owning it, unless they form their own management company. They need a hospital financial statement which means going behind Owen’s back so they will have the element of surprise and so Owen won’t get in legal trouble for not informing Pegasus. Cristina hates the idea of lying to him.

The nurses hate the changes that Pegasus wants to make in scheduling. Owen makes a speech asking the nurses to help him through this transition and they are swayed. Owen privately admits to Cristina tat he doesn’t think Pegasus will be good for the hospital. He feels responsible for saving the hospital since he put all of them on the plane. That assuages Cristina’s doubts.

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Derek Hates His Giant Head: Everyone including Derek is shocked by the giant pictures of him that are all over the hospital now that he is the face of Seattle Grace. He tells Alana he only agreed to the brochure. She says his contract covered other collateral. The focus groups love him. As broke as the hospital is, she spent money on focus groups? Maybe she isn’t very good at her job. Derek has to give up a surgery to meet with Pegasus. His posters get defaced with devil’s horns and graffiti calling him a sell out.

Quitting Time: Bailey (Chandra Wilson) wants to treat a kid with cancer with geonome sequencing. Owen won’t even bring it up to the board because he knows it wouldn’t be approved. She advises her patient to go to a hospital that will approve it instead of opting for risky surgery. She admits to Arizona that she no longer wants to work at Seattle Grace because it means providing shoddy care. This persuades Arizona to get on board the purchase plan. Cristina tells them that she learned from Owen that the sale is being moved up to that night. They don’t have enough money. But she thinks there is something they can do to stop it.  They all interrupt the meeting with Pegasus to quit.   Owen is shocked at hurt. Meredith has to talk Cristina out of telling him about their plan. Pegasus withdraws their offer, no longer interested in the hospital without its best surgeons. I guess there are no star neurologists or dermatologists on staff. Owen tells Alana she has to find another buyer. He bangs on Cristina’s doer like Stanley Kowalski. But she is at a meeting with everybody else to form the corporation.

Young Virgins in Love: Matthew (Justin Breuning), the hot paramedic, wants to take April (Sarah Drew) out on a real date. She is worried he will expect her to have sex. She tells Avery she thinks he will dump her when he finds out she wants to wait even though she is not a virgin. He tells her to let him get to know her then explain her belief about sex. If he likes her, he will be willing to wait. Actually, if they have fundamentally different values they shouldn’t date, but why quibble? On their date,  he interrupts their make out session to tell her he is saving himself for marriage. He thinks he will lose her. She is thrilled to tell him that she shares his beliefs. But she lets him think she is a virgin as well. Not that lying is a good idea. but this early on, her sexual history is none of his business.

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