‘The Vampire Diaries’: A Shocking Return and a Potentially Deadly End

"The Vampire Diaries": Ian Somerhalder as Damon (Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW)

Remember all of the times that you’ve read about a discovery that will cure cancer or AIDS? Remember how after further study they turned out not to be as effective as early tests indicated? That’s what happened on this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Yes, there’s one or two of TVD patented twists and, thank God, because if this show turned into “The Human Diaries,” it would be pretty dull. Also, a main character may have died. Then again, on this show appearances can be deceiving. Here are the highlights.

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The Cure: Available in Single Serving Packages: Here’s the truth about the cure: there’s only enough of it to render one immortal mortal. So much for Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) dreams of regaining their humanity. Damon (Ian Somerhalder)  learns this from Vaughn, the member of the Five who captured him at the end of the previous episode. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline (Candice Accola), Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) discover the same thing when they decode the cryptex handle on the sword, which is written in Aramaic. Yes, Klaus is fluent. He helps reluctantly after Tyler and Caroline find it in the attic. For the most powerful supernatural being on earth, Klaus is lousy at hiding things. Klaus promptly phones Rebekah with the news. She tells Stefan, who of course is willing to give up his chance at it for Elena. But Elena realizes their interests are best served by forcing it on Klaus to save everybody from his wrath.  Of course, Vaughn and Shane are determined to give it to Silas. Vaughn wants to kill him while Shane is still convinced that Silas will resurrect his family. Shane (David Alpay), Bonnie (Kat Graham)  and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) do not get the memo about the extremely limited supply for the cure.

Catch Up on Last Week’s Episode of “The Vampire Diaries”:

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Race for the Cure: Bonnie, Shane and Jeremy are the first people who make it to the cave where Silas is entombed. Bonnie privately tells Jeremy that she won’t let Shane raise Silas. She casts a spell that conveniently involves putting her hand on a shirtless Jeremy. The map disappears from his chest and  a wall of the cave crumbles. A rock falls on Shane’s leg. She leaves him pinned down. Go Bonnie! Jeremy admits he’s glad he”s doing this with her. They are so getting back together. Bonnie falls and cuts her hand. Some of the blood falls onto Silas’s body. Bonnie sees Gram and apologizes to her. She says it’s okay and that Bonnie is close to bringing her back to life, because Silas can do it. Jeremy realizes that if Gram were really there, he would see her because he can see dead people. Gram is just a hallucination. He thinks Silas is trying to control her thoughts. Bonnie realizes that’s how Silas controls Shane, though she hasn’t figured out that Silas is powered by the blood people sacrifice to him. Jeremy tells her to listen only to him. It’s sweet, but I’d like to see a dynamic on the show where the girls aren’t relying on the boys for anything.

Soon Damon and the Five arrive at the cave, followed by Rebekah. There’s a big fight. The Five shoots a starburst shaped weapon into Rebekah’s leg, and goes after Damon as Stefan arrives. Stefan frees Damon, who tells him to make Elena happy by giving her the cure.  Elena hears someone calling her name. When she turns around, she is attacked.

Stefan offers to free Shane if he takes her to Bonnie. He is shocked when Stefan tells him there is only one serving of the cure. He insists everything he did was to bring back his family. Stefan leaves him saying, “Now you know what it is like to have hope and then to lose it.” I am thoroughly enjoying his comeuppance. His quest to save his family is pretty damn selfish. At least Klaus doesn’t pretend to be noble. Shane has a vision of his wife who tells him he did everything she asked and everything is going to be fine.

Bonnie and Jeremy find Frozen Cave Man Silas and what looks like a pile of debris in his hand that they realize is the cure – and is not nearly  enough for every vampire in the world. Bonnie figures out that Silas has been frozen for 2,000 years and if they want to get the cure out of his hands they have to feed him their blood and wake him. This seems a little bit like a really dark, secular Easter allegory.  This is the last thing Jeremy and Bonnie want to do, but while they are deliberating Vaughn gets to them, and stabs Bonnie. Jeremy is furious. He says the cure is meant for Silas. Elena seemingly comes in and nearly bites him until  Jeremy reminds her of the hunter’s curse. So she knocks him out.

The Surprise Winner of the Cure Is…: Stefan finds a bloody Elena. It’s Katherine who saved Jeremy! She bites Jeremy, and sticks his hand in Silas’s mouth, then snags the cure for herself, perhaps to give it to Klaus so she can be free of him. Silas snaps Jeremy’s neck, and he falls to ground, seemingly dead.

Klaus Makes a Deal With Caroline: Once the Mystic Falls crew learns that there is just one cure, Caroline and Tyler’s dreams of making Klaus a mortal are dashed. Klaus thinks Caroline prefers being a strong, ageless, fearless vampire to her human self. They’re the same. Caroline says, “Show me your compassion” and begs him to be merciful towards Tyler. He tells her that Tyler should leave town while he is stuck in the Gilbert house and hide someplace Klaus will never find him. A running head start is all the mercy he is going to get. Given Klaus’s lame hiding skills, that seems doable.  Tyler and Caroline share (another) heartfelt goodbye. Tyler says it’s  not forever. They’re immortal. They’ll find a way to be together. When Bonnie is stabbed, Klaus is released. He tells Caroline everything good he did was for her and walks off. So was he acting in her best interest when he bit her last week and nearly let her die? Despite the actors chemistry, this romance is a hard sell.

What the Hell: How does a remote, uninhabited island in Nova Scotia have clear cellphone reception?

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