Watch: Letterman Asks Seinfeld: Why Haven’t You Invited Me for Coffee?

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David Letterman wanted to know: Why hasn’t Jerry Seinfeld invited him to drive in a car to get coffee?

When he asked the question on his CBS “Late Show” Thursday night, Letterman was referring to Seinfeld’s Web series — titled “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” — in which Jerry and a guest comedian are seen, well, driving in a car to get coffee (and sometimes breakfast or lunch).

The series, seen on a dedicated Web site called, has featured Seinfeld in a car getting coffee with guests such as Larry David, Michael Richards, Ricky Gervais and about a dozen others.

But Letterman’s never been asked to do the show, and he confronted Seinfeld about that.

“When will I be invited to be in a car with coffee?” Dave, 65, asked Jerry, 58.

“Well, first of all, thank you for not putting me on the spot,” Seinfeld answered sarcastically.

“Do you think you could do it?” Seinfeld asked him. “Could you pull it off? All you have to do is have coffee. That’s all you gotta do to be on this show.”

Seinfeld then told Dave that Letterman’s “Late Show” was the inspiration for the show in the first place. “I looked at your show and I thought, What about [“Late Show”] do I like?’ You like it when somebody comes on that you like. So I decided, Why don’t I do a show where I only do it when it’s somebody I like? So that’s why I don’t do that many of them.”

Dave took offense from that comment because, to him, it implied that Jerry doesn’t like him. “[That] was a horrible thing to have said,” Dave pointed out.

“What did I say?” Jerry asked.

“You said you only want to have people on you like! So that’s why I’m not on!” Dave said.

But then Dave told Jerry he’d be a terrible guest on the show anyway. “If you invite me on this show, you will regret it from hello,” Dave said, “because I get a little coffee in me and I’m telling you I can’t stop talking. Ask your buddy Alec Baldwin. I was on his little podcast show and I was talking to him in the elevator after the interview. I couldn’t shut up!”

“Well, you know what I recommend for a guy with that problem?” Seinfeld asked. “A talk show!”

Seinfeld also did about five minutes of stand-up on the “Letterman” show. What’s annoying Jerry these days? People demanding that he “hydrate,” movie theaters that request that you pick up your own trash, and the ubiquity of cup-holders.

Watch Jerry Seinfeld do stand-up on “Late Show with David Letterman”:
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