With Cast, Crew Making Other Plans, NBC May Drop ‘Up All Night’

CBS calling? "Up All Night" is up in the air as Will Arnett is said to be considering a sitcom offer from CBS, and Maya Rudolph (inset, top) announces she's pregnant. Christina Applegate quit last week. (Photos: NBC)

NBC is reportedly close to ending “Up All Night” altogether following Christina Applegate’s decision last week to quit the sitcom.

She was one of the show’s three principal stars — and the show could conceivably survive without her.

But now comes word that the show’s other two stars — Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph — may also have new commitments that will draw their attention elsewhere.

As a result, NBC execs have begun thinking about dropping the show completely since a re-launch now might require the hiring of a whole new cast.

That’s the word from several stories appearing over the weekend, including this story on The Hollywood Reporter Web site.

According to the stories, Arnett is being actively courted to star in another sitcom — a new, untitled series being developed for CBS by executive producer Greg Garcia, who’s best known for “Raising Hope” on Fox and “My Name Is Earl” (NBC).

At the same time, Rudolph has reportedly informed NBC that she’s pregnant — which would likely force her to take a maternity leave at some point during the production of “Up All Night.” In addition, some sort of pregnancy-related plot line would have to be devised to accommodate her.

Apparently, fewer and fewer of those associated with “Up All Night” have faith that it will return. The THR story notes that some of the show’s writers are also actively looking for new jobs.

Before Applegate suddenly quit last week, “Up All Night” was in the midst of being reworked, with an eye toward relaunching it. Now, the show seems to be in the midst of more turmoil than ever, making a relaunch even more difficult, if not impossible.

Catch it while you can: Watch an episode of “Up All Night”:
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