‘The Good Wife’: Alicia’s Forbidden Kiss

Julianna Margulies in "The Good Wife" (David M. Russell/CBS)

Alicia gets two things she really wants in this week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” “Red Team, Blue Team.”  She only admits that she wanted one. Here are the highlights.

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Prelude to a Kiss: Lockhart-Gardner has magically solved all of its financial problems. It will be $133 million in the black by the end of the year. Just assume Warren Buffet invested all of their money. Now that everyone’s ballin’, the equity partners want to rescind all of the partnership offers that they made to the fourth year associates because it will make each partner’s share of the profits smaller. This show portrays lawyers like many of them are: greedy bastards. Meanwhile Cary (Matt Czuchry)  tells Alicia (Julianna Margulies)  he is looking forward to being rich. David tells Alicia they need to delay her offer for a year. She demands an explanation. He says democratic institutions change their minds. She tells Cary, “I think I was just mugged.” As Cary puts it, ‘”Hey, we’re fine sharing the debt but never the wealth.” Alicia gets all of the delayed partners together for a meeting. Cary, who looks unbelievably hot in a leather jacket, suggests they have lunch with their biggest clients to make it look like they are starting their own firm. When everyone else leaves, he suggests he and Alcia start their own firm with Bishop and Chum Hum. They’d be the 8th largest in Chicago! She points out they need start-up money. Plus, they are still controlled by others. But she agrees to think about it. That would be awesome, but given the amount of times that Alicia has turned down Louis’s offer to join his firm, Alicia will never, ever leave Lockhart Gardner.

Will suggests to the other partners that they break the fourth years’ alliance by naming one a partner.

Meanwhile, Cary and Alicia are paired to oppose Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Barnaski) in a mock trial. The parents of a dead teenage girl are suing an energy drink, Thief. The tension spills over as Cary and Alicia take the opportunity to rip Will and Diane to shreds. After the typical legal twists and turns, the jurors are on Alicia and Cary’s side, believing that Thief is responsible for the girl’s death. It gets so heated that, during a recess, Will gets mad at Alicia for taking such a confrontational approach. She could lose the client for the firm. She says, “You are not the injured party here.” he says “What, and you are?”  She yells, “I am, Yes!”  Then he grabs her and kisses her! Press play and watch the sizzling moment.

It’s great until Alicia pulls away and says to herself,  “Dammit. You don’t do that.” She calls herself ian idiot as she steps into the elevator. Kudos to the show for reviving their attraction,which drove the series during its first two seasons. Their break up was so unsatisfactory, and a triumph of realism over entertainment value.

Alicia Makes Partner: David tells Alicia the partners reconsidered. She gets to become a partner now, provided she makes the capital contribution in 24 hours Alicia gets him to admit that she’s the only one who was offered the promotion, and that it’s because Peter might become  governor. I like that we’re supposed to believe that Alicia gets ahead because of her connections, not because she’s the greatest lawyer ever. When she asks, Will assures her it had nothing to do with their kiss. Will decides they should handle their attraction by avoiding being alone together. Or they could just wait until after the election, then start seeing each other again. Now that Alicia’s a partner, it’s not sexual harassment. Just saying.

Alicia tells Cary that they offered her partnership. She’s going to take it. It would be nice if she decided to wait out of solidarity, but in real life, nobody turns down a promotion that they have been working hard to get because the circumstances aren’t ideal. It’s immediately awkward between the office mates. Cary  should start his own firm. He is like a sad little orphan as he watches from outside the conference room while Alicia is officially congratulated by the partners.

Ellsbeth Gets Even More Awesome: Ellsbeth (Carrie Preston) and Eli (Alan Cumming) face a new foe in Eli’s corruption case in Justice Department lawyer Kyle MacLahlan. He has a recording of Eli asking for a quid pro quo contribution for his ex-wife’s campaign. He wants Eli to wear a wire to get evidence that Peter is taking bribes. Eli refuses.  Ellsbeth does discovery and learns that there were only two, not the required three dirty calls, to get a warrant for a wire tap. She points that out to Kyle. He shreds the paper in front of her then forges the change on the original. Then he asks her out. Too bad she wasn’t secretly videotaping their meeting. She says she will find a way to beat him.

Jordan (T.R. Knight) tells Eli that he’s in charge now. Peter doesn’t need him anymore. Eli tells Ellsbeth he’s willing to make a deal. He will wear a wire to get Jordan, not peter. Then on the wire Eli talks to the other justice department lawyer, David, about  there only being two dirty calls. Eli and Ellsbeth are magnificent liars who need to share a scandalous kiss post-haste.

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